Man Accidentally Drenches Yard In Poison

July 17th, 2012 by

In suburbia, everyone wants to have a luscious lawn. There’s something tacky about a burnt out patch of grass that makes everyone in the neighborhood give you the stink eye. Millions are spent each year in pursuit of the perfect green. Breeds are examined and cultivated, mowers are fired up, and sod is laid. Let us here at McCluskey Chevrolet, your Used Cruze Dealer Cincinnati, tell you about one man who wanted it all, but came up a little short.

Rob Olson, a middle-aged man from Lake Elmo, Minn., had a serious weed problem. The pesky plants were ruining his beautiful lawn. Some men would simply get down and dirty and pull the weeds, that wasn’t really an option for Rob though, as his lawn is 40,000 square feet  and he is a busy man. So he did what any man does when faced with insurmountable odds and a mindless adversary…break out the heavy artillery.

Rob went to local Dege Garden Center and consulted with the employees. He purchased a large amount of Ferti-lome weed killer, which he proceeded to spread liberally over his entire lawn. The good news? The weeds died right away. The bad news? So did all his grass. Rob didn’t realize that the chemical was also lethal to lawns. In fact, it effectively salts the earth, prohibiting any sod from taking root for up to six months.

Rob was going to hold a charity banquet outside at his home, but as a result of the lawn poison, he had to cancel it. It may seem obvious, but make sure you always read the full instructions before you spray poison all over your home.

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