New Chevy Malibu Spot Speaks To The #trulyrich In Us

November 19th, 2013 by

For the Truly Rich

Sometimes we get a commercial that truly delivers a great message. Chevrolet released a spot yesterday that focused on a great point. It questions our need to think that our lives are truly so perfect. The kind of externalized life where we feel the urge to “show off” more than share. It asks us about the real value of focusing on the screen rather than the real life that is happening around us. These has been a common discussion for decades, from the Industrial Revolution on, as technology has slowly allowed us to live our lives through our phone, and externalize ourselves however we want the world to perceive us. Chevrolet wants to urge us that there is more to life than that. There’s more to us than that. A family and a vehicle that are both nurtured to do their best in the world (an oil change will do that to a car… but not a family member). Let’s take a look at the video and what Chevrolet is asking of its social media fans.

The commercial opens up with an all too familiar shot. A father is working on uploading a view of his vacation view. He is editing the coloration and doing whatever he can to make it look the best. The hashtag #perfect definintely gives us that “showing off” vibe. All around him, his kids are playing and having a great time, and he is completely tuned out. Then, his wife meticulously slaves away at a cake until it is perfect, and immediately pulls out her phone to note that she #nailed it. These classic images of locations and foods pervade social media, but Chevrolet changes the story around at the end. Their son was involved in some minor accident, but the great Chevy Malibu helped insure his safety. The family realizes that the true important thing is that their child is safe, and the mother hashtags #trulyrich. Chevrolet wants you to show them how you are #trulyrich, so hashtag away, world!

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