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A 2021 Chevy Silverado Realtree edition is shown off-road near Buford, GA.

Chevy Silverado fans may be excited to hear the new 2021 models are expected to come out with changes to both the interior and exterior, addressing comfort, appearance, and performance. Chevy trucks may be receiving a redesign in response to competitors who recently updated, though some of the redesigns may also be to accommodate features for electric models. All of this is speculation until GM comes out with confirmation; however, there are some facts and rumors about the 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 that we have heard thus far. Here is a breakdown of that information.


Even though the Silverado was updated in 2019 to create its fourth generation, 2020 still saw more updates, and now the ante has been raised even higher for 2021. GM does state on their website that changes may not come out until 2022, but the expectation is to base new designs on the Silverado racing truck. This will address the interior design and give the driver’s “cockpit” an overhaul.

Potential interior upgrades appear to involve a larger infotainment system and a whole new look to the dashboard layout. These changes are expected to affect mostly the upper-tier trims, though even the less expensive trims should see some upgrades in appearance and functionality. While GM only mentions changes to the dash and infotainment, a vague reference has been made to other aspects of the interior that have yet to be revealed. Rumblings about making the interior plusher to compete with other brands are enticing. And while we do not know for sure what the interior of the 2021 Silverado 1500 will hold, it is fun to speculate!


GM expects to offer changes to equipment and features for trims available for the Silverado, and rumors suggest much of that will be based on off-road models. A “new off-road variant” for the Silverado 1500 LD has truck enthusiasts revved about what new designs will reveal. One particular detail which is resulting in a lot of excitement is the inclusion of independent rear suspension. Some may argue this is a mistake due to the potential expense of maintenance or repair, but GM has made clear that this suspension serves a purpose in the new design.

In order to offer a fully electric version of new trucks for 2021 or beyond, the rear suspension design needs to accommodate batteries. By redesigning the rear suspension to be independent—which means no longer relying on leaf springs, but instead isolating each wheel’s suspension—this should increase the comfort of the interior ride. The bulky rear axle can be replaced by the smaller independent suspensions for each wheel, and make more room for battery storage. This doesn’t mean all the models will be electric, but it opens the potential for having an electric model included in the mix. Either way, it looks like all the new Silverado trucks will incorporate the independent suspension.

The GM Authority blog states: “Typically, an IRS configuration comes with a long list of benefits, including improved ride quality, improved handling and control, and for enthusiasts, the potential for greater wheel articulation in off-road environments.” Such changes have already been made to the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban. The manufacturer has noted concern around making the new suspension system too heavy or expensive; the belief is that the off-road capability and ride comfort will outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Aside from suspension, the exterior will also enjoy new color choices, and we can expect the appearance to potentially gain a more aggressive stance. At the same time, GM embraces the off-road inspiration for the new design. With competitors’ trucks taking such a strong tack in their line-ups recently, it seems Chevy wants some of that action, too.

Special Editions

The hood of a popular Chevy truck, the 2021 Chevy Silverado Realtree edition, is shown.

One special edition expected to come out with the new Silverado is the Realtree, a special edition truck already released once in 2016 in partnership with the camouflage brand, and which aims to match up with the interests of hunters and fisherman. The Trail Boss trim will see mostly cosmetic changes, as the same off-road tires and suspension that come with the Z71 package will also be part of the Realtree edition. Specialized shocks, skid plates, and hill descent control are also going to be included with this package. Expect to see plenty of camo details on both the exterior and the interior design, along with the Realtree logo branded on the truckbed and worked into graphics on the side of the truck. This custom edition is one of Chevy’s best-selling models, so it’s no surprise this partnership with Realtree is continuing into the next generation of Chevy trucks.

Additionally, the Redline Edition is expected to be available for 2021 Silverado trucks, in continuation with so many other vehicles in the Chevy stable. The red and black accents, such as red tie hooks, black door handles, and a red stripe combined with specialized LED lighting accents, will create a custom appearance Chevy offers only with certain trim levels. Other than accents and lighting, a front and rear lowering kit will give this edition “street style.”

When Will Chevy Release the New Silverado?

Due to the uncertainty of the timeline, it’s still up in the air. While GM has entertained the possibility of trucks going into production in July of 2020, the manufacturer has yet to confirm any exact dates for when the new Silverado will be available for purchase. Secrecy still enshrouds the latest models, as there haven’t been any sightings of test drives in remote locations. GM has dates out as far as 2022 for the new vehicles to be available, so it’s anybody’s guess as to when the production will be able to move forward.

Certain new trim levels may also become available with the new design. One in particular that GM mentions on their website is the new Silverado ZRX, which is an off-road variant that is likely to hit the market in 2022. Chevy already offers the Trail Boss as the trim level, which adds the off-road package (as mentioned in the Special Edition section), but the ZRX would take off-road to a whole new level.

Rather than just a two-inch lift, skid plates, and Rancho shocks, this vehicle would employ a beast of an engine, factory-installed lift, and DSSV dampers to handle some of the most rugged terrains a truck could encounter. Such a truck may have been in the Best of the Desert off-road race, which took place in Nevada earlier this year. It’s possible that GM tested a prototype of their new off-road model right under our noses. Regardless, this is very exciting news for anyone who off-roads with a truck.

What Will a Fully Electric Truck Look Like?

Chevy has already rolled out the success of the Volt, which can now run for 259 miles on a single charge. Other car manufacturers have fully electric vehicles as well, and the technology for designing electric vehicles with both power and long-distance driving capabilities have come a long way in recent years. Electric trucks are built to tow and haul as powerfully as the gas and diesel engines, and in some cases, the torque and acceleration may surprise drivers who have yet to test drive one.

What’s different is where you get your fuel: at home. You can install a special port to plug in your vehicle (something diesel truck owners already need to do in the winter, though an individual plug isn’t required), and when you return home for the night, you plug it in to charge it. Charging

stations are also located across the country, with most being only 30 miles apart on average, so electric vehicle owners can use the quick-charging stations while on the road during the day.

You can expect all the same conveniences in an electric truck as with the gas or diesel versions, but without the need to go to the gas station. Once people get used to the idea of plugging in their trucks the way they plug in their phones, going electric won’t seem like a big change. For now, Chevy still plans to move forward with gas and diesel engines, so drivers who aren’t ready for the electric engines yet can rest easy.

Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500. As more reports are released, updates will be shared to keep buyers informed.


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