Purchasing the Right Used Car in (or Near) Louisville, Ohio

June 14th, 2019 by


A black 2014 Chevy Malibu, popular among used cars in Louisville, is parked in front of a water fountain.

When searching for used cars in Louisville, don’t make the final decision before checking McCluskey Chevy located in Cincinnati, Ohio, for your next great deal. The used car market can often appear daunting, but the car buying experience can be a pleasure. We like to take a calm and honorable approach to the car buying experience. We enjoy calm and informative discussions so that everyone walks away happy with the relationship. Let’s discuss some of your options to think about before you decide on your new used car.

Before you walk into a dealership, it is helpful to have some understanding of the vehicle you are looking for. Are you just looking for something to get you to work and back efficiently? A compact sedan would suit your needs admirably. If you plan on loading the whole family up into one vehicle and want everyone to be comfortable, a van or an SUV would be a better used car purchase. Finally, a truck can provide you with the tools you require if you need to haul items or travel down unpaved roads.


The compact car is the smallest and lightest of all of the car categories. With a lighter car comes greater fuel economy and shorter stopping distances. You’ll have no problem with parking a compact car, and you can always find a reasonably priced vehicle to suit your needs. Compact cars have two sub-variants. If you prefer a sporty look and don’t plan on having many tall passengers, then a coupe is a fine option for you. A coupe has two doors. The main cabin is mostly focused on the driver, and if you wish to put passengers in the back, you’ll need to adjust the front seats to do so. If you prefer more functionality out of your car, then a four-door sedan is more up your alley. With four doors comes more room. With a sedan you have plenty of room for people and cargo.

Compact cars are great for regular commutes or driving on a budget. Sedans are not meant to be pushed to their limits. You won’t be zipping past trucks on the highway with the cabin absolutely silent, and you’ll want to hit to speed bumps at the posted speed. What you lose in functionality, you’ll more than make up for in reliability and ease of repair. You won’t be making any record speeds in a compact car, so make sure you leave for work on time. Don’t worry; you won’t have to stop at the gas station too often. Sedans are typically the most fuel-efficient vehicles.

Space For More

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Vans are more spacious and allow for more utility than compact cars. SUVs are tailored towards family’s that like to travel together no matter the weather. Vans provide more utility because you can usually adjust how many seats are installed to allow for more or less storage. Vehicles in this category are often higher off the ground than the average sedan. This allows the car to hit bumps with less jolt to the driver. With a higher sitting position, you get a better sense of the road around you, and that provides a feeling of safety. SUVs and Vans are an investment in the comfort of those riding within.

When you increase the size of a vehicle, you’re bound to increase its weight and reduce its fuel mileage. When you travel in an SUV, you are making a value proposition. Where you lack in aerodynamic you make up for in safety and presence on the road. If you’re not used to the slightly lower fuel efficiency, it might be off-putting at first. When you realize how much more stuff you can fit in your vehicle, you’ll begin to appreciate the extra few bucks in gas money. Picking up a new stove will no longer be an impossible task that require “a friend with a truck,” you’ll be able to just put down a few seats and drive it home yourself.

A black Chevy Silverado is towing a boat near Louisville.

Large and in Charge

If you need a truck, you don’t have a second thought about it. You know you need a truck. You need the utility. You need towing ability. With some of the biggest engines and the most useful features, trucks are great if you have a commitment to keep. The truck bed allows you to transport large amounts of goods in as few trips as possible. With raised axles and larger tires, trucks gobble up dirt roads. Worried about sand, mud, or snow? If you opted for a four-wheel drive model you can crawl your way to safety.  The higher ground clearance that comes with a truck means that you will have no problems on the trails or working on your undercarriage if a problem (or the need for regular maintenance) ever occurs. If you’re a person of smaller stature, don’t worry. A good modern truck will have built-in steps or accessories you can add on as well as hand railings that allow you to jump into the cabin or onto the bed with ease. Trucks are large and in charge but they can be just as luxurious and comfortable

With a large truck, you can expect to see lower fuel economy. While modern trucks have no problem maintaining 20 or more miles to the gallon, older trucks will be much less efficient than their sedan counterparts. Parking can become an issue with trucks, especially to those with limited experience driving large vehicles. Parking spaces in the city that would have no problem accommodating a compact car will be physically impossible for a truck to fit into. Trucks are taller, so double check the clearance of your garage before you attempt to back into it. Finally, trucks are also generally more expensive for features that you would find on a base model sedan. Trucks require more material to create than the standard compact car, so it is only natural that they be a bit more expensive. Due to the more expensive nature, someone deciding on a new truck in Louisville (or anywhere) should take the time to convince themselves if investing in a truck over a car is worth it.

Get what’s right for you.

Now that you have a better understating of the various types of automobiles, you are better equipped to weigh the pros and cons of the vehicle you wish to purchase. Never forget that just because the car you want isn’t ideal for your situation, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still purchase it. Life is short and you can’t take a car with you when you pass on so enjoy it. Ultimately, you’re the one who will be driving the car 95% of the time, so get something that is going to put a smile on your face without putting too much of a burden on your mind.

Some people enjoy the art of spending as little on a car as possible, and will happily drive around in an old beater. Others feel that heated seats and extra safety features for the family are worth every penny. A person’s heart may be for the sporty coupe, with their brain telling them to go with the SUV, but their wallet urging them to take the sedan. Ultimately, there are no wrong answers as long as you take the time to do your research. When you make the car purchasing process an informed decision, you don’t have time to regret your purchase. You’re too busying enjoying it.