Quality Still Exists In The Automotive Repair Business at McCluskey Chevrolet

July 27th, 2011 by

Does quality still exist in the automotive repair business? McCluskey Chevrolet would like to think so. The difference in servicing your vehicle at an Ohio Chevrolet Dealership verses an aftermarket repair shop is just that…it is the quality of the repair. The aftermarket service centers never mean to not deliver quality it just happens.

Most of the time the aftermarket repair centers are not able to get the proper training from the factories nor is their equipment specific for the model they may be working on. At a dealership they are trained on all models by the company that built them and the diagnostic equipment is built specific for that repair.

Dealerships spend hundreds on thousands of dollars on training and equipment. By the time a technician reaches master status the dealership may have up to $50,000 invested in training. The technician themselves may have up to $100,000 in tools and equipment.

In the end quality is not an accident it is planned for.

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