Simpler Times Less Choices

August 8th, 2011 by

Remember when things weren’t so complicaetd; when there wasn’t so many choices or decisions to make? I do. No cell phones. You would actually talk to the people you were with or if you weren’t with anyone, you had silence. Wow…time to think…or listen to the radio . no cable t.v. ….with over 300 channels….I can remember when there were 3 channels to watch…come to think about it….I still watch about 3 …the other 297 have little interest to me.

Remember when there o fast food restaurants , or not so many , you would sit down at the table…same time every day…and eat a home cooked dinner with your mom and dad and siblings ….I really miss that . no video games . computors . internet…you had to create things to do…like a wiffle ball game with your friends or a “pick-up” football game…two hand tag if it was on the street…tackle if it was in someones yard . “green men” , hide and go seek , freeze tag….you didn’t have to go to a gym to work out , you got plenty of exercise playing with your friends . I guess those days will never come back…..but it’s fun to remember..

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