St. Louis-Based Pizzeria Opening in Cincinnati this August

April 17th, 2014 by

 tires Cincinnati

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For all of you car-loving pizza fans out there, Cincinnati is about to be treated to a St. Louis style pizza restaurant right here in downtown. Pi Pizzeria is a small pizza chain out of St. Louis, and it will be opening its newest location in the AT580 building downtown later this year. Chris Sommers is the co-founder of Pi Pizzeria, and says that the Main and 6th street restaurant will be open by August. With locations in Washington D.C. and St. Louis, you may be wondering why the sudden interest in the Queen City. The answer is simple  – Sommers wife is a Cincinnati Native, and he had come to love the downtown area on his many visits here.

So what can you expect when you eat at Pi Pizzeria this August? An even amount of deep dish and thin crust pizza offerings, with a crust that Sommers can’t stop talking about, “The crust is unlike any other,” he said. “The addition of cornmeal gives it a texture that’s unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.” Along with your pizza, you will find about 24 craft brews on tap, with “As many Cincinnati beers a possible.” Count us in!