The Economy 2012

December 14th, 2011 by

After the great recession of 2008 becomes more of a memory it is now time to focus on how we as Americans can help speed up the growth in 2012.  Later there has been far more attention paid to buying American.  I recently watched a show that discussed how some home builders are using only American made products.  The shocking thing about the entire concept is it did not raise the price of the build at all.  The other comments from the builders and the tradesmen is that they felt the quality of the American made products were far superior to the foreign made product.  One carpenter stated that something as simple as nails used to fill his nail gun were such better quality from the American made company that his nail gun rarely jammed which saved time and wasted less product. I realize this is a simple example, however if you think about this you can see how it can affect the economy.  They later interviewed the nail manufacturer and they stated that if the increase in purchases continues they will need to double the employee count at the factory.  If you take this example and apply it towards as many items as you can the multiplying factor could be limitless.

The one segment in the economy that affects more people than any other is the automotive industry.  If we used this basic example towards our next car or truck purchase the amount of jobs and money that would be produced would make 2008 an afterthought.  I know it is not possible for everyone to buy only American made products starting tomorrow but if we as Americans stop and at least looked at point of origin it will start to take effect.  The American car manufacturers are making better products with better warranties than they ever have.  So at the least before you purchase your next car or truck give the American manufacturers an opportunity.  It may also be your opportunity to help get this country’s economy back to being what it once was. We as Americans can solve our own problems if we just stop and think before spend our hard earned American dollars.

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