The Economy

October 22nd, 2011 by

It seems that some if not the majority if the economic problems that exist in America today are somewhat self-inflicted. Every time you turn on the T.V., radio, or pick up a paper it is nothing but negative news. I have always been a radio talk show junky, it allows you to listen and not speak all while learning something, imagine that. I have found myself leaving work still in a relatively good mood and 45 minutes later pulling into my driveway mad at the world. While never claiming to be the smartest person in the world, after a few months of the 45 minute negativity ride home it dawned on me CHANGE THE STATION.

All I would hear on the way home was the economic world is coming to an end. Does anyone think the saying “have you looked at your 401K I mean your 201k” is funny? The stock market rollercoaster is driven by speculation not fact. Gold is worth amounts per once that a few years ago would be unimaginable.  Everything is going up in price while the price of your house and income are going down. Healthcare is through the roof and unemployment is out of control.

All of us know that this is going on but to remind us of it every waking moment of our day makes it far worse than it needs to be. America is the greatest country on the planet and we have been through hard times before and will come through them again together stronger and wiser. From the average American’s view the reality of it is we have come through one of the toughest times in America any of us have ever lived through. The ones that have had the good fortune of working for great companies and maintained employment over the past couple of years are living in fear of a repeat or the loss of their job like they saw happen to others it put everyone in a state of fear about every penny you spend. This fear times the hundreds of thousands if not millions have hurt the growth that normally would occur.

It has been said that Americans are sitting on more cash than at any other time in history but are not sure what to do. I have also heard “radio talk shows” (well I can’t go cold turkey) that banks have more cash to loan and are in better shape than they have been in years

My point of all of this is everyone needs to smile and be thankful for everyone and everything that you have been provided. Let’s get back to the good old days when we saw a problem and we fixed it. Help someone less fortunate than you. Say hi and smile at or to everyone you meet. Pay attention to your actions and words to make sure they are positive. Treat everyone you come in contact with as a friend and you may be surprised by the outcome AND TURN OFF THE RADIO AND T.V. We have work to do.

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