Top 10 Vehicle Buying Tips For Women

June 5th, 2011 by

1. Crash Test Ratings

2. Research dealer reviews.  Check out our reviews on

3. Dealer invoice pricing.

4. Annual maintenance costs for the vehicle should also be considered.

5. Research the value of your current car if they’re looking to trade it for a newer model.

6. Decide on body style, price range, and discerning between the features women really need vs. those they “want” are important decisions that should be noted prior to visiting a used car sales lot.

7. Consider insurance. Insurance agents often remind customers that a quick call to the agent’s office is a good idea once you have a few options in mind. Just because the monthly vehicle payment might fit the budget doesn’t mean the insurance bill will. 8. Get pre-approved. Having pre-approval from a bank or credit union when car shopping enables women buying cars to know exactly how much they can spend. They also are likely to receive a better interest rate by securing the loan on their own ahead of time.

9. Look for dealer incentives

10. Determine your budget. In general, aim to spend no more than 20 percent of your monthly household income on all costs associated with all of the cars in your household. That would include the cost of monthly payments, insurance, repairs, maintenance and fuel.

Don’t assume you need to buy used

This homework will make it much easier to deflect the temptation of bells and whistles, or a vehicle that doesn’t really meet your needs.

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