Top 7 Luxury Midsize Sedans Perfect to Buy Pre-Owned

July 14th, 2023 by

A red 2018 Chevy Malibu is shown from the side after leaving a used car dealership in Cincinnati.

The hours beyond the Cincinnati workday beckon for a bit of luxury—perhaps a town car to cruise around at night and soak in the sights. When you pull up to Cove 51 or Inner Circle, you want to give off a certain level of prestige. The same applies when you’re heading to an important business dinner or going on a critical third date; you want to ensure your ride is clean, comfortable, and luxurious…

…and you can get all of that without breaking the bank. If you peruse the wares of a used car dealership in Cincinnati, like ours at McCluskey Chevrolet, you’re guaranteed to find a comfort-laden luxury midsize model for much less than its original owner paid for it. Pre-owned luxury sedans are traditionally lightly-used and rather new, and there are a few noteworthy models in the midsize category that we think are perfect for the modern young professional.

No. 7: Nissan Altima Platinum

The Nissan Altima is one of the longest-running nameplates in the industry and is still going strong today. This midsize sedan has often been a go-to solution for those who want something affordable and safe. It’s also a good family vehicle with all the necessary amenities to make it a great functional and economical car. However, the newer generation Nissan Altima models have elevated their game and now offer a lot more variety and scalability for those who want a truly luxurious midsize sedan.

While the Altima offers some great content from the S up to the SL trims, you can find some used Nissan Altima Platinum models that come fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy finer things from the midsize segment. This includes a premium interior with perforated leather-appointed seats, an eight-way power driver seat with memory settings, and a gliding wing instrument panel with integrated connectivity for smart device support. It’s everything you could ask of a vehicle for style, functionality, performance, and convenience.

No. 6: Ford Fusion SE

Affordable, stylish, and feature-rich, the Ford Fusion was one of the most popular options for those looking for a midsize sedan with a rich interior, great comfort features, and snappy performance. The Ford Fusion was discontinued in 2020, so no new models are being produced for this midsize town car; however, you can still find a nice assortment of Ford Fusions from used dealerships if you’re looking for a cool and comfortable midsize sedan with luxury elements.

The highlight of the Ford Fusion SE is that it’s neither an entry-level nor a top-of-the-line trim, yet it has everything you would need to get the most out of a sedan. As a daily driver, you can get up to 36 MPG on the highway and 24 MPG in the city with the 1.5L EcoBoost, and you have up to 102.8 cu.ft. of passenger volume. So you can use it for getting to work and school, and also as a family vehicle—but most importantly, you have some luxury amenities to really make it stand out as an executive-level ride. Power sunroof, heated steering, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice-activated functionality help give the Fusion that extra layer of luxury comfort beyond its utilitarian features.

A black 2022 Hyundai Sonata Limited  is shown driving on a city street.

No. 5: Chevy Malibu Premier

The Chevy Malibu has always been a great pick for those looking for a roomy midsize sedan that isn’t too tough on the wallet—and yet it isn’t too bare-boned in the feature department. The variance between a daily driver and a luxury sedan is something that the Malibu pulls off with ease, especially if you’re looking at the more upscale trim with the Malibu Premier. If you want to complement that new job with an executive-looking sedan, the Malibu Premier is a great way to go.

The Premier comes jam-packed with some savvy features that are bound to make a great first impression. Relaxed color schemes combined with leather-appointed seating, a heated steering wheel, a power-adjustable driver seat, and chrome door handles with body-color inserts give the Premier an aura of prestige. If you were looking to impress with a quality midsize sedan, opting for a used Chevy Malibu Premier is an excellent way to go. Better yet, this model is just as suitable for a trip to Cincinnati’s Ivory House as it is for stopping at the Copa Lounge.

No. 4: Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition

The award-winning Volkswagen Passat leaves a legacy behind that is both notable and cherished. Despite Volkswagen opting to discontinue this long-running midsize sedan, some great used models of the Passat will surely appeal to those looking for a quality midsize sedan at an affordable price. More importantly, the Passat is the perfect bridge between economic convenience and luxury comfort; you get a lot of the appeal that you would from the executive luxury segment but without the executive luxury price.

The later model years sported a lot of great features and were updated to reflect the more comfort-driven sensibilities of the midsize car shopper. This included a modular infotainment matrix, enabling wireless access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as easy access to apps, online media, and the ability to use smartphones as smart keys to access and secure the vehicle and even navigate to your favorite restaurants, dives, shops, and filling stations using the “We Experience” portal via the Passat’s infotainment system. These convenience features are great for those who want an all-in-one midsize sedan that combines comfort, looks, and functionality into one awesome package.

No. 3: Hyundai Sonata Limited

The Hyundai Sonata is one of those class-defying entries that started one way and is now a completely different beast. The Sonata began as an economy-class sedan, putting out decent performance with great gas mileage, but over time it’s evolved into something much more comprehensive that shatters the barrier of the sedan segment. It’s now a highly stylized and feature-rich option for those who want a midsize vehicle that oozes personality.

The eighth generation, in particular, differs entirely from its early roots. Those looking for an aerodynamic, classy midsize automobile will find it in the Sonata. If you just want basic creature comforts, the Hyundai Sonata SEL will satisfy that itch. If you want to bubble up a bit of envy from onlookers, then the Sonata Limited is the way to go.

Perfectly suitable for spending a day at the beach or attending an important business luncheon, the Hyundai Sonata Limited comes with leather seating, heated and ventilated seats, stylized wheels, and a digital heads-up display. It’s a safe, comfortable, extravagant option for those who want the best blend of an economical sedan and a luxury traveler.

No. 2: Toyota Camry SE Nightshade

The Toyota Camry established its legacy a long time ago, and it’s a best-selling vehicle around the world for a good reason: it’s a quality-made sedan with great features and a reasonable price. Finding one pre-owned isn’t difficult, but finding one in the right trim and with the right level of luxury appeal could prove to be a challenge—and that’s where a dealership like McCluskey comes into play. If you want more than just an economy-class Camry, you’ll want something with a little extra sugar and spice on top, which means the Toyota Camry SE Nightshade.

If that sounds like some kind of superhero vehicle, you’re not too far off. The Camry SE Nightshade looks like it comes from the future thanks to its aggressive aerodynamic lines and standout front fascia. The Nightshade takes the Camry to the next level with its glossy black color scheme, matching black wheels, and menacing look. But it’s not all about the visual appeal of the Nightshade that makes it so noteworthy; it has a leather-trimmed telescopic steering wheel and column, a SofTex interior, and the Toyota Safety Sense suite with all of the infotainment features one could ask for. It’s an affordable, stunning, and comfort-laden midsize sedan that’s certain to turn heads.

A blue 2023 Toyota Camry Nightshade Edition is shown in a parking garage.

No. 1: Kia Stinger Tribute Edition

Few vehicles can compare to the Kia Stinger Tribute Edition in its price bracket. Even the base Stinger is practically in a league of its own when it comes to a performance-oriented, midsize sports sedan; it hits all of the marks with flying colors, but when you add the Tribute Edition to the mix, you’re looking at a midsize sedan that takes performance-luxury to the next level. Looks alone will get people to notice you in a Stinger, and finding one used would be the perfect way to save money and look good while doing it.

What makes the Stinger Tribute Edition so great starts with the tinted windows and refined color schemes. Move inside for Terracotta Nappa leather-trimmed seats, which pair well with the matte color exterior, contrasted with 19-inch black aluminum alloy wheels and matching black Brembo brake calipers… You haven’t even sat down, and yet it’s obvious you’re dealing with a sedan that stands a league above the rest.

Those who want comfort, culture, and speed should check out Kia’s Stinger Tribute Edition. Whether you’re regularly hitting the highway or you’re spending your nights at the Cabaret or Main Event, you’ll certainly be the talk of the town riding around in this Stinger. Come by McCluskey Chevrolet and experience the interior of the Tribute Edition trim for yourself.

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