We Need A Hero

September 14th, 2011 by

No political parties. How does that sound? To me it sounds refreshing. No more “in” fighting. No more decisions based strictly on “party” lines. Maybe, just maybe, we start making decisions for what is right for our country. We live in the greatest country on earth but we have some problems. We need to work together instead of fighting amongst ourselves. I am a Republican, I guess, but more importantly, an American . I don’t care if a Democrat or a Republican starts the recovery of our economy. Just do it! Let’s vote for the right person which ever party they’re in. We need to bring jobs back to our country instead of companies leaving the U.S. for cheaper labor. Too many people have lost their jobs because we don’t “make anything” any more. Most things we buy are imported, not American. We need to get off of our dependency on foreign oil. We keep talking but we never do anything about it. Alternative fuel, coal, drill more oil wells. I don’t care which one we do or if we do all of them but it’s time to quit giving trillions of dollars to countries that hate us. Please, someone be a leader. Do what is right, not what is popular. Try to make our country greater instead of trying to get elected or re-elected. We need a hero, a real hero. I know they are out there, they just need to stand up and be recognize.

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