What Makes a Good Commercial Vehicle?

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Many small businesses rely on a good commercial vehicle for their continued success. A dedicated vehicle will often make life easier to do business. Especially for services and industries like construction and maintenance, it is useful to have a platform you can use to store equipment, haul cargo, and ferry people around without having to use personal vehicles.

That is why having the right commercial vehicle is extremely important. More than anything else, you need something that will fit your needs like a glove. Good performance, hauling capacity, and reliability are other factors that should come into play when you are looking for your next vehicle purchase.

So what really makes a good commercial vehicle? What types of things should you look for before buying one? These are all important questions you have to consider when finding that right fit.


First Steps

Before you go out in search of your dream commercial vehicle, it’s helpful to know what to look for. All commercial vehicles come in different sizes with different specifications and features. That means some options might not be the right fit for your business. To quickly narrow down the field of possibilities, you should start with a list of must-haves.

Think about what kind of requirements you have for this next commercial vehicle. What type of business do you have? What kind of services do you offer? What kind of equipment and hauling is required to do the job correctly?

If your business has a lot of tools to store, a larger commercial vehicle might be warranted. This is also true if you have cargo or trailers to haul on a regular basis. Something with a larger engine and drivetrain can make it easier to quickly get cargo and equipment from point A to point B.

If your business only has to carry around people, something smaller might be a better fit. Sedans and station wagons, for example, are great personnel carriers that save on fuel and maintenance costs down the road.

The most important thing is to have a clearly defined list before you search for a new vehicle. When you can spell out all the little details that you need in a new commercial vehicle, you will know exactly what to look for when it comes time to start the search. This will also help dealerships and salespeople aid you in finding good possibilities without wasting your time.

A few minutes spent on this list will save hours, if not days, during the search.


Starting the Search

Finding the right commercial vehicle is a lot like finding the perfect personal car or truck. You will have many resources available to you to start the search. Whether you want to start with local dealerships or online is up to you. Online inventory websites will present more possibilities but the face-to-face help you can get from a local dealership might save you time if you’re still unsure about what you need.

Depending on your budget for this new commercial vehicle, check out both new and used options if possible. Used vehicles tend to be less expensive but can have unexpected issues you won’t discover until after the fact. Local dealerships, however, are great locations to check out used or pre-owned vehicles since they are often inspected. Even a vehicle that’s just a couple years old can be a good budget choice.

Many dealerships specialize in maintaining a large commercial vehicle inventory. Unlike regular dealerships with general inventories, these lots are a good place to start for a new option. Service staff and salespeople will be more knowledgeable on the latest offerings from the popular automotive brands. They might also be able to find great possibilities more quickly through their database.

Once again, budget is a primary concern when considering a new commercial vehicle. New prices are often much higher than used options. Even base prices can quickly skyrocket as you start to add more options or upgrade features like the engine and drivetrain. Ultimately, if you feel like you have the budget for a new vehicle, this will give you the most amount of flexibility and customization to find that perfect fit.


Things to Consider

Regardless of whether you search for new or used options, the basic list of must-haves remains the same. In other words, anything you look at should meet as many of your requirements as possible.

Consider the size of the vehicle first and foremost. If you need more power or hauling capacity, a larger frame like a truck or SUV will probably be the way to go. If your equipment needs are small or you just need something to drive around town, a sedan or station wagon will give you better fuel efficiency and a lower price tag.

Drivetrain specifications should only matter if you have to haul cargo, pull trailers, or drive long distances. For the daily commute, anything with average fuel efficiency should get the job done unless you want to save as much as possible on fuel costs. For cargo hauling, pay attention to the type of engine and transmission certain models come with. In general, greater horsepower, torque, cylinders, and other engine specifications are better.

Finally, pay attention to any and all of the accessories a vehicle may include. Trucks, for example, usually come with a wide range of additions such as toolboxes, racks, trailers, hidden compartments, power gates, and more. These additions may make the work easier or more convenient overall.


Finding the Right Commercial Vehicle

There is no single vehicle out there that is the perfect match for every business. When it comes to finding the right commercial vehicle, it is all relative to the specific needs of the business. The more you can search for something that fits your specific list of needs, the better.

In the end, you will have something that will help your business grow and succeed so you can focus on what is really important. For more help or information, get in touch with McCluskey Chevy today

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