2014 Silverado is the Official Truck of the Texas Longhorns

September 10th, 2013 by

A blue Chevy Silverado in front of a football field at dusk

Sports are a staple in the American culture. With the official start of the NFL having kicked off last week, and with college sports getting into full swing, the culture of sports surrounds us. It is impossible to watch TV, listen to the radio, or even go to the grocery store without in some way, shape, or form, being reminded of professional sports. Texas is a state that takes football very seriously, from high school all the way up to the NFL. So when the University of Texas Athletics Program announced their new “official truck,” we, along with other car dealers, got excited.

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado has been named the Official Truck of the Texas Longhorns and Texas Exes, after the University of Texas signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Chevrolet. Chris Perry, the vice president of Chevrolet marketing couldn’t be more happy about the pairing saying that, “There is no more appropriate place to showcase the stronger, smarter, more capable 2014 Silverado than in the heart of truck country at Texas Longhorn sporting events.” The Silverado’s presence will not be limited to games themselves – the truck will be featured at alumni events, in digital and print promotions on campus, event signage, and on the University’s radio and 24-hour television channel.

Bevo is the university’s live mascot, and the Silverado will pull his trailer to and from events, showcasing the awesome power behind the full-size re-designed pickup. The Chevrolet logo will be present on the backdrops at all Texas Athletics events, interviews, and media conferences. Keep an eye out for the all-new 2014 Silverado when the Longhorns take the field this season.

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