Spring Car Care Tips for Careful Drivers

March 27th, 2019 by
Oil getting added to a late model car getting a cheap oil change at a local garage

Winter is finally due to end, and there will be a break in the frigid temperatures and icy road conditions. If we’re lucky, we might soon upgrade to cold temperatures and wet driving conditions! Just because spring is around the corner doesn’t mean we’ll all be outside dancing around maypoles! But a change from snow…

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Common Oil Change Questions Everyone Should Know

March 22nd, 2019 by
Three new oil filters

Everyone who owns a car should at least have heard the term “oil change”, and if you have been on the road for over a year, you should have gotten several yourself. Cars need to have their oil changed regularly, and it is important that responsible car owners understand not only why, but how to…

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Should I Get My Oil Change at a Dealership?

February 15th, 2019 by
A gloved mechanic holds tools and oil in front of car

Car ownership 101 teaches us that we need to get our car’s oil changed routinely, it’s that simple. For most of us, however, that raises a lot of questions. As a fairly straightforward piece of routine maintenance, finding somewhere to perform a cheap oil change quickly is a top priority. Unfortunately, there’s a misguided notion…

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Is It Worthwhile To Splurge On Motor Oil?

February 25th, 2016 by

For such a routine and relatively simple maintenance task, few automotive topics inspire quite as much discussion and debate as motor oil. Whether it’s how often to change it or what kind to use, it seems like opinions on the subject tend to vary pretty wildly – and even after all this commotion, there still…

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Oil Change Truths and Myths

June 22nd, 2015 by
Male adding oil with a funnel after a do-it-yourself oil change.

  Similar to any product that’s been out for decades, there are plenty of myths when it comes to motor oil. Some of this could be attributed to driver’s general ignorance for how their car operates, or it could also be attributed to sneaky mechanics looking to grab an extra buck. Before you decided to…

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A Look at the Interesting History of Motor Oil

June 18th, 2015 by
oil change

Based on your interests, you may have a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to a particular topic. In regards to the automotive industry, everyone learns about the invent of the wheel. If you’re a relatively big car fan, you may also know the history of your favorite brand or car type. One background…

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How a Cheap Oil Change Saves You Money in the Long Run

December 25th, 2014 by
Car Oil

A cheap oil change doesn’t just save you money on car maintenance. By getting regular oil changes, you will also help to extend the life of your car and improve the performance of your engine. You’ll spend less on repairs and you won’t have to replace your car too quickly. Here’s what you need to…

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How is an Oil Change Priced?

December 18th, 2014 by
Growth of oil price. Barrels and graph.

You can find a wide range of prices for oil changes. You can get a cheap oil change for as little as $20, or you can pay $100 or more for a synthetic oil change. One oil change may seem just as good as another, and the pricing may start to seem arbitrary. It is…

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How to Make Sure You’re Not Cheated by a Cheap Oil Change

December 11th, 2014 by
oil and money

Getting a cheap oil change can help you save a lot of money on a needed car maintenance service. While most service providers perform quality workmanship with their oil changes, there are some out there who are looking to cut corners to make a fast buck. Sometimes, a deal really is too good to be…

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Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Oil Change

December 4th, 2014 by

Getting a regular oil change is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the health of your car. Yet you may find it difficult to keep up with bringing your car in every few months, or you may want to find ways to save money on this ongoing need, such as…

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