A Day in Dayton

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A smiling family is enjoying a fun activity in Dayton, Ohio.

Another day means another chance to check out some local Dayton, Ohio activities to enjoy. As a car dealership, not only do we get enjoyment out of selling cars, but we also get just as much enjoyment seeing our customers enjoying their vehicles out on the road. In order to see smiles continue to appear on our customers’ faces, we thought that we should take the time to mention a few activities that you can enjoy with your car. There are plenty of places to visit and activities to partake in around the Dayton, Ohio area.

In the interest of giving everyone something to do, we are going to break our suggestions down into a few categories. First, we will go over some activities for the scholar to enjoy. This includes things like famous monuments, historical sites, and museums that anyone looking to exercise their minds can enjoy. Second, we will review how the nature lover can enjoy their evening. Subjects in this category include nature trails to walk and parks to have fun in. Finally, we will review some options that the sports fan will enjoy. This can include things like watching a sporting event, enjoying some time on a racetrack, or simply enjoying a beer while watching the game on TV. There is more than enough activities in Dayton, Ohio to keep everyone in the family busy.

A Scholarly Journey

If you feel like expanding your mind while exploring Dayton, there is no shortage of options for you to explore. Whether you like the indoors or the outdoors, there is plenty to explore and enjoy. If you want to enjoy the sun during your adventure, we would recommend you take a trip to the Carillon Historical Park. While some parts of this park are indoors, overall you will get more of a “historic district” vibe as you walk around taking in all of the sights and sounds. Enjoy learning about the various inventions that have been created in Dayton while strolling from retro-building to retro-building. The Carillon Historical Park is excellent for the whole family; there’s a café for your convenience and plenty to learn. Any evening can become a memorable one when you spend time with loved ones expanding your minds.

If you are looking for a scholarly activity that can be done on a raining day, Dayton has you covered. The National Museum of the US Air Force can provide an informative evening for the history buffs among you. America’s Packard Museum has a darling collection of classic cars that are sure to put a smile on a few family members faces. The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery will please the animal lover in your family with their fantastic animal exhibits, and there are also science and engineering-related exhibits to enjoy. Finally, the Dayton Art Museum is a four-and-a-half-star art museum where you can spend hours sitting beside loved ones while discussing what you see. One thing is clear: If you are in Dayton and want to enjoy some time expanding your mind, you are spoiled for choice. There is something for everybody to enjoy.

Let’s Get Physical

Maybe you don’t want to stand around a museum all day. You want to break a sweat and get that heartbeat up. As you can imagine, Dayton has you covered! If you are looking for a beautiful trail to walk, you have plenty of choices all within a short 20-minutes or less drive. The three that we can recommend to you today are The Eastwood MetroPark trail, The Huffman MetroPark trail, and the Taylorsville MetroPark trail. The Eastwood park has a beautiful body of water to walk beside and, if you are so inclined, you can sail or kayak on this body of water. The Huffman park has a more rural feel to it. If you like to walk between the trees, then you won’t be disappointed. Just watch out for cyclists, as some parts of the trail can be narrow. Finally, the Taylorsville park is a little bit of the other two parks combined, with some added attractions like a large damn or an old graveyard to explore. We recommend Eastwood if you like to walk by the water, Huffman if you wish to walk through the woods, and Taylorsville for the highest sense of adventure.

A Sporty Occasion

If you prefer having fun over working out, Dayton has a few different activities that might appeal to you. If you want to watch other people play sports, your best bet will be to check out the local college teams. Enjoy yourself as you cheer on the Dayton Flyers and surround yourself with a rowdy yet passionate fan base. If you like to play rather than watching, there are a plethora of clubs that you can join. Football, skiing, lacrosse, and rugby are just a few of the clubs that you can get involved with. Don’t want to rely on a team? Face your fears from the top of the wall at the Urban Krag Climbing Center. If you’ve never done indoor rock climbing before, it is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.

A group of friends are at a local bar in Dayton, Ohio watching a football game.

Just because you consider yourself a sports fan, that doesn’t mean that you need to get out there and throw some equipment on. If you prefer to enjoy your sports with a cold beverage in your hand, you’re in luck. One suggestion would be to stop by Brixx Ice Company on 500 East 1st Street.; they have a solid four-and-a-half star rating on google. They have plenty of local and domestic beer, and some seats have a direct view of the Fifth Third Field. Fifth Third Field is a baseball stadium that houses the Dayton Dragons, a local minor league baseball team. If you enjoy live music with your dinner, we recommend Wings Sports Bar and Grille found on 7902 North Dixie Drive. You can get a different experience every day of the week. Like bingo? Tuesday night just took on a whole new meaning. Want to sing your heart out during halftime? Thursdays karaoke night will keep you entertained all night long. Eat, drink, be merry, and cheer on your favorite team at any one of Dayton’s marvelous sports bars.

Feel Free To Do It All

Whether you like to stick to your favorite hobbies or you’re not afraid to break out of your shell. Dayton has more than enough to keep you busy whether you’re in town for a few days or even a few weeks. Everyone in the family can find some way to entertain themselves individually, or you can all go on an adventure together. We hope that you’ve enjoyed some of our suggestions, and know that this is not an all-inclusive list. There are other museums to explore, trails to hike, and restaurants to watch the game. If you need help getting to any of the destinations listed above, stop by, and we will be happy to help you with directions or a new ride. We want nothing more than to see you drive off knowing that you’ll be supporting the local economy and enjoying the drive every step of the way. Dayton is a beautiful town filled with great people. Experiencing all that Dayton has to offer will leave you a more cultured person and provide you with talking points for years to come.

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