Cat falls out of window 11 stories up, and survives

September 12th, 2013 by

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There is nothing better than a story of someone or something beating all odds and coming out on top. Our society is full of people who do the impossible everyday, and the same goes for the animal population in our country. It is no secret that we as Americans absolutely love our pets. For some people, their pet is their child. For others, their dog, cat, or bird, are as much a member of their family as they are themselves. Whether you work as a car dealer, or a florist, a mechanic or a famous actor, your pet accepts and loves you for coming home to them each and ever day. It is important as pet owners that we help our pets when they can’t help themselves, and aid them in bouncing back from an unexpected bump in the road.

Stephanie Gustafson lives in the Alaska state capitol of Juneau, with her beloved pet cat, Wasabi. Like most cats, Wasabi very much enjoys spending her days being playful and exploring new things in her surroundings. So when she saw that a mosquito had made its way into her apartment, Wasabi made it her mission to chase the pesky bug out. The female adult cat succeeded, but she unfortunately chased the bug a little too far. When the mosquito escaped out the window, Wasabi continued to chase it, and fell eleven stories to the ground beneath the apartment. Gustafson immediately ran to her cats rescue, and found her huddled in the parking lot.

Remarkably, Wasabi was alive and after undergoing an operation, she is expected to make a full recovery in about six weeks. We guess it’s true, cats really do have nine lives.

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