Choosing the Right Truck Accessories for Your Chevy

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Truck Accessories

You’ve got your new Chevy truck. It’s getting all the jobs done, but you’d like to make a few upgrades, but which ones? The upgrades you choose depend on what you are mainly using your truck for. The parts and truck accessories you choose will be determined by the enhancements you’d like to make. Whether you want to up the ante in the performance category, add more cargo storage and organization, tow and haul more work or play gear, or just want to make your truck look even bolder on the road, there are truck accessories for your needs


The Best Performance and Capability Accessories

Tonneau Covers

For those who are hauling cargo in the beds of their trucks, this is one of the first upgrades you will want to make. A tonneau cover protects your cargo from weather and also hides your goods, so they are protected from theft. There’s a tonneau cover for every make, model, and trim and this accessory will pay for itself immediately.


Nerf Bars

Getting in and out of your truck is easy when you add on nerf bars to your truck. This accessory makes climbing in and out of your truck easier, which makes jobs get one faster. They also add a nice design touch to the exterior of your truck.


Exhaust and Muffler Accessories

Want to make a big impression? Add some enhanced mufflers, tips, and exhaust accessories to your truck and make everyone take notice.


Suspension Systems

Up the capability of your ride with upgraded suspension systems. If you are tackling off-road or rough road conditions, you will want to get your hands on some of the amazing suspension packages that are available to improve the comfort and control of your truck’s ride.


Bed Liners

One of the best investments truck owners can make is to buy a bed liner for their truck. Bed liners keep your cargo safe by reducing sliding while in the back. They also protect the surface of your truck bed by preventing scratches and dings while you load, unload, and transport items in your truck.


Exhaust Kits

Investing in an exhaust kit that is properly installed by an expert technician that is using manufacturer approved parts that are specific to your brand of truck can improve the airflow into the engine, therefore improving the trucks performance. Exhaust kits can also make a truck sound more aggressive depending on how they are installed.


The Best Style Accessories

Seat Covers

Not only will seat covers make your truck look nicer, they also protect your seats from dirt, scratches, and tears. Drivers can choose from many materials in seat covers, from neoprene to leather, depending on their preferences in style and function.


Floor Mats and Liners

Floor mats and liners are another style accessory that actually help to keep your car in great shape. Keep your trucks’ carpets fresh, protected and looking like new, all while you give your truck’s interior a fresh new facelift. Choose from multiple colors and designs to either match or contrast with your existing interior colors to create a style all your own.



Sometimes overlooked when people are looking to improve the look of their truck are tires. Of course, we all know that great tires increase the performance and function of your truck, but they can also greatly improve the look of your truck’s overall exterior.


Body Kits

A reliable dealership, like McCluskey Chevy, can show you the body kit parts and accessories available for your particular make and model of truck. Some of the most popular body accessories are bumpers, fenders, side skirting, hoods, and spoilers. Depending on the look you want to create, you can choose with your technicians which accessories you will need.


Fender Flares

Another accessory that improves both the look and the function of your truck are fender flares. This accessory protects tires and the underside of your truck, and also gives your vehicle a unique look on the road.



You may have upgraded the standard headlights on your truck at the time of purchase if you went with a higher level trim. If not, replacing the standard headlights is a great way to take your truck’s exterior look to a new level. Drivers can choose from LED headlamps in different styles and trims to match their particular truck and intended style.


Lift Kits or Lowering Kits

Making your truck sit higher or lower off of the ground is a bold way to change the look of your vehicle. Dropping or raising your truck with a lowering or lift kit can give your truck a completely different look depending on what you are going for.


Window Deflectors

Again, performance and style improvements is the name of the game with aftermarket installed window deflector truck accessories. These help keep out dirt, dust, wind, and rain, and also give a sharp detail to the exterior appearance of your truck.



Looking to give your truck that off-road tough appearance? Adding mudflaps to your truck tires can accomplish that. Mudflap accessories not only look great, they also help keep dirt, debris, gravel, and mud from getting sprayed up onto your vehicle from spinning tires.


Purchasing Truck Accessories

When it comes to upgrading your truck be sure to only buy your parts and accessories from qualified dealers like McCluskey Chevy. Having aftermarket parts and truck accessories can greatly increase the value of your truck, but only when they are installed by qualified technicians who use manufacturer-approved parts and accessories that are specific to your brand. You can look online or visit your local dealership in person to look at their selection and speak with a technician about what you are trying to achieve so they can direct you to the right parts and accessories packages. Whether you are looking to make your truck look more rough and rugged or give it a sleeker look, there are truck accessories and parts that can accomplish all of your truck upgrade goals.

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