Grumpy Cat is a Star!

May 31st, 2013 by

Ford Dealers in Cincinnati

Have you ever seen the internet sensation Grumpy Cat? He’s the adorable (kinda) little feline pictured above, and he’s become famous for his permanent scowl. It’s not that he’s actually unhappy, that’s just the way his little kitty face looks. We here at Ford dealers in Cincinnati find him adorable, and apparently the world agrees!

Grumpy Cat already won the 2013 Webby Award for Meme of the Year, and now she is heading to the movies. She’s teamed up with the studio responsible for such mediocre comedies as Paul Blart Mall Cop and Jack and Jill to produce a movie entirely around her grumpy persona. We love grumpy cat, but we bet you a cheap oil change that this movie isn’t a comedy classic.

“This started off as a picture of a cat, but rare is an image that evokes that much comedy,” producer Todd Garner (“Anger Management,” “13 Going on 30”) reportedly said. “You read all of the memes and the comments, and one is funnier than the next. We think we can build a big family comedy around this character.”

What do you think? Is there enough meat on this cat’s comedy bones for a feature film, or will this be another Hollywood flavor of the month flop?

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