Lost stuffed animal is reunited with toddler through a Facebook campaign

September 2nd, 2013 by

lost toy on the ground

There is nothing worse than misplacing something of importance. When we lose things, it seems to always happen at the most inconvenient possible time. No one seems to lose their keys right before they turn in for the night – they instead go missing right when you are rushing out the door and running late for an oil change. Losing things in life is inevitable, and while most things can be replaced when they can’t be recovered, there are a few things in life that no matter how hard you may try, are completely irreplaceable.

To adults, most things can be replaced. As long as the missing item is a material one, a replacement is never completely impossible. Too bad that logic doesn’t work on kids….and when 18 month old Maddie Cross left her beloved Pink Bunny behind on her family vacation, being told the rabbit was replaceable did not go over well. Luckily for Maddie, and Pink Bunny, Deborah Hitchins found the stuffed animal that was left at a Baggy Point Beach in North Devon, England. The good Samaritan took pictures of the obviously loved Pink Bunny, and posted them on Facebook along with the caption “Please share this photo and help him get back to the little person who loves and cuddles him.”

The plea on the social media site did just what it was intended to do, and less than 24 hours and after being shared by 30,000 users of the site, Maddie’s parents saw the post and contacted Hitchins to get the bunny back. We are happy to report that Pink Bunny is back in the loving arms of Maddie, and her parents can rest easy knowing they no longer need to convince their daughter that a replacement stuffed animal would be just as sufficient as the original.

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