Oil (Change), What Is It Good For…

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Fresh oil being added to a SUV during an oil change

McCluskey Chevrolet is your one-stop shop for great cars at great prices, but the service does not end at the point of sale. As your certified Chevy dealer serving Landen, Beckett Ridge, Mason, Fairfield, Loveland, and Hamilton drivers, we are proud to offer full automotive service for all purchased new and pre-owned vehicles. Making regularly scheduled maintenance appointments for any new or pre-owned Chevy is the best way to ensure your vehicle’s performance and longevity as a part of Chevy’s tradition of automotive excellence, and with a no-appointment instant lube, filter and oil change, McCluskey Chevy is the place more drivers come to for their high-quality automotive service needs.

We’ll always be there to help with repairs and routine maintenance even after you have driven off our lots. We have Cincinnati’s best full-line body shop, the Tri-State’s only Exclusive Lifetime Mechanical Protection program, and the world’s best oil change experience with easy in and out service guaranteed! Stop in anytime or schedule your service online.

What Oil Does

Although not the fuel that runs your car, oil is still an essential component to the lifeblood that keeps your engine running. The engine is comprised of a series of metal parts that need to bump, slide, pump, and shift against and with one another to facilitate internal combustion; basically the metal parts of your engine need to operate in communion. Oil acts as a lubricant to ensure all those moving parts play nice, so you can flip the switch on the ignition and effortlessly drive to any chosen destination. Without oil, you would be hard-pressed to sit at an idle for any length of time much less arrive at a destination. An engine operating on low or without oil displays unmistakable signs to the driver within a matter of minutes; literal grinding noises, smoke emanating from the hood, overheating on the temperature gauge, and eventually seizing. We are talking about irreparable damage to your car; If you as a driver ever find yourself in the described scenario, your automobile needs to immediately be towed, not driven, to our mechanics for closer inspection.

What’s the deal with an oil change?

Most drivers are already aware of the previously mentioned importance of oil and how it acts as a lubricant. So if your car already has oil, why do you need to change it so regularly? Oil is a viscous fluid that unfortunately like most similar materials loses its viscosity over time becoming less effective as a lubricant, its primary function. Like any viscous fluid, oil is capable of absorbing materials it comes in contact with; dirt, water, and various combustion byproducts all get absorbed, saturating the oil. Once there is more dirt than oil, clean oil must be used in replacement for the lubricants’ continued effectiveness. Another part of this loss in viscosity is because oil undergoes high-temperature thermal breakdown; essentially the engine operates at extremely high temperatures that over time breaks down the chemical composition of your oil. Finally, oil also contains additives that neutralize acids within your engine. Over time and use, those additives get spent, increasing acidity and wear in the engine if not replaced with new oil.

The oil level being checked on a car that just had an oil change

When and how often?

An oil change consists of removing the old oil from a vehicle’s engine and replacing it with new oil. The engine oil filter is also changed at the same time. Unfortunately the timing for when your vehicle needs an oil change is not an exact science. Due to an assortment of variables, most owners manuals and mechanics would recommend having your oil changed over a rough estimate of miles driven ranging from 3,000 to 10,000. That’s a pretty large window even for estimates and the reasoning has to do with those pesky variables like how the car is driven, the external environment it’s driven in, type of traffic you typically drive in (stop and go city driving vs long-distance commuter highway driving, the age and overall condition of the engine and whether or not synthetic oil is being used. To narrow it down, we recommend coming in to change your oil at least every 5,000 miles in order to play it safe. Some variables to consider when choosing if you’ll need to change your oil more often include: if you drive recklessly accelerating often to reach high speeds quickly, if you take your vehicle on dirt roads frequently, if you carry heavy loads, if you operate your vehicle in climates that are either extremely hot or cold, or if you have an old engine that leaks and/or burns oil. In between each oil change, be sure to also check your engine’s oil level with the dipstick. After wiping off and reinserting, the dipstick should be at the full mark. If it’s around the add mark, that means you’re roughly a quart low and should add a quart of oil. If the reading’s in between the two marks, add part of a quart to bring it up. Since oil changes density dependent on its temperature, you may want to take a couple of readings and even wait until the engine has cooled for one. For instance, you should estimate the amount of oil you need based on your first dipstick reading, and then check it again later that day to be sure that reading is correct.

What Type of Oil?

We’ve got you covered; Our mechanics and service technicians are more than knowledgeable of what type of motor oil your vehicle will need. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to add oil in between service visits, most newer model cars will also include the weight of the motor oil printed on the cap where you add oil. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to consult the owner’s manual. If you are unsure what oil you should be using because you lost the owner’s manual, feel free to call and check with our mechanics any time.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is designed to last longer by being more effective at resisting breakdowns and withstanding high temperatures. The mechanics here at McCluskey Chevrolet are more than aware of the situations where a synthetic oil may help prolong the life of your engine and won’t hesitate to inform you of its beneficial use in your automobile.  These scenarios include if you take mostly short trips in your vehicle (standard motor oil may never get warm enough to burn off moisture and impurities), if you live in a region with extreme hot or cold temperatures, or if you use your vehicle for towing or hauling heavy materials. Under these conditions, synthetic oil is probably your best bet.  However, if recommended, don’t fall into the trap of delaying oil changes because the synthetic oil will last longer. Even with synthetic oil regularly scheduled oil changes are still a necessity to ensure the continued performance and long lifespan of your engine.

A tech adds oil during a routine oil change

Why service your vehicle with McCluskey Chevy?

We know Chevy, but we also know all brands and varieties of vehicle; our professional mechanics and service technicians have been trained to work on any brand of truck, van, car SUV, crossover, and hybrid. From routine tire rotations and oil changes, McCluskey Chevrolet is the full-service mechanic station for all your automotive needs. We’ll have your vehicle running as good if not better than when you brought it.

Our top priority has always been to make sure that your vehicle gets the quality repair and maintenance it deserves to keep you and your passengers on the road and safe. This means no cutting corners or not carrying through on our work. Our second priority is repairing your vehicle in a timely manner. We understand that you depend on your vehicle for work, family, fun and being without it is an immeasurable inconvenience. That’s why our mechanics feature such services as the no appointment in-and-out oil change; we provide the services so you can get back on the road and worry about the more important things in your life.

One of the most important ways to keep your vehicle performing at its best is regular maintenance and proper care. Make it a habit to have a professional mechanic service and repair your vehicle to prevent a costly situation from happening later on. For all of your auto repair and maintenance needs be sure to visit the McCluskey Chevrolet Service Department today. We promise you will be happy you did!

For added peace of mind, our service hours also are extremely flexible because we know that your vehicle never decides to break down at a convenient time. For fast, affordable and quality service, pay us a visit today at our 9673 Kings Automall Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45249 location and see just how easy vehicle service in Cincinnati, OH can be.

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