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It’s obvious that your car needs tires. I mean, come on, we all know that one. But what many people aren’t aware of is the fact that not all tires are created equal – and not all tires are made for the same purpose. On top of this, many people don’t fully understand the maintenance that needs to go into the care of your tires after you purchase them and the costs that can accrue if you do not perform this maintenance and service as recommended. And though discount tires in Cincinnati are going to help reduce the cost of your initial tire purchase, a positive for anyone, it’s important to know what types of tires you should be using – and how to keep them lasting as long as possible, keeping you from needing to purchase discount tires in Cincinnati again and again in short succession.

Knowing what type of tire you need in the first place is the very first step in your search. Only after this is accomplished will you truly find the best deal on discount tires that are right for you. Because, after all, what’s the point of buying tires that aren’t right for your car and therefore won’t last as long as they should, or perform in the way that you need them to. Visit us at our Tire Shop!


Tires For Every Season

It’s not rocket science that the tires you purchase need to match the weather and the elements for the part of the country that you live in – but it can certainly get difficult to figure out exactly what tires are right for you. First, you need to figure out how many seasons you face. While some parts of the country really only see two seasons – or even one, with slight variations throughout the course of the year – many parts of the United States get four seasons in full force, from wet, slushy winters to rainy springs to increasingly hot summers. Getting the right tires to stand up to all the elements is crucial if you live in such a place, and it’s likely that you’ll want all-weather tires for your car.

All weather tires are not only fit for the snow – a must, in many parts of the country, especially in the Midwest and Northern states – but for the rain as well. While snow tires are ideal for making your way in icy and snowy conditions, they do not always stand up to rain in the way that they should. For people in need of a tire that does just that, all-weather tires present a clear-cut year-round solution.


How Do They Work?

All weather tires are so optimal and ready to deal with any weather or element that you throw their way because of the rubber that they are made of. This rubber is thick but flexible, and does not stiffen or harden in even the coldest, wettest, or hottest of conditions, keeping you safe and your tires free from damage. However, it is still sometimes best to switch over to snow tires during the winter time in areas that get extreme snowfalls on a regular basis.


But Why? They’re Marketed As All-Season Tires…

This is certainly true! And they can handle every season and are made to perform well in snow – but sometimes the ice that can build up on the snow itself and after the snow melts is not ideal, nor is driving in a blizzard. Because all season tires must be designed to work in all climates, rain, snow, or shine, they can’t always encompass the traction that is needed in areas of the country that see regular blizzards and thick, wet snowfall during much of the winter months. For people living in places like this, getting snow tires is likely to be your best bet before switching back to your all-season tires when winter breaks.


But How Am I Going To Afford All These Tires?

This is why you should consider discount tires. Discount tires allow you the freedom of choosing multiple types of tires for different parts of the year. If you bought your tires at full price, you might only be able to afford one type of tire, and therefore be putting yourself in danger at other parts of the year. Discount tires in Cincinnati allow you to bypass this problem and give you that wiggle room in your budget to keep you outfitted for every type of tire that you might be in need of at any point in time.


What About Quality?

Fortunately, discount tires in Cincinnati (or wherever it is you call home) are often very high in quality, OEM tires. While it is still important to always ensure that you are buying them through a reputable source like a nearby dealership that you have trust and potentially even have already established a relationship with.


A Final Thought on Discount Tires

Though discount tires come at what often amounts to a much lesser price than full price tires (as the name denotes), it is still important to maintain them well. This will require regular tire rotation, which can be done through the local dealership that you purchased your discount tires from in the first place. Keeping your tires in good condition will continue to save you money. When you’re ready to purchase discount tires in Cincinnati, Chicago, Orlando, or Los Angeles, head over to your local dealership and check out their current promotions and deals. Be sure to thoroughly vet their customer service representatives and their service center, as you’ll want to make sure you receive high-quality service and products. If you’re still not quite sure what type of tires are best for your vehicle and surroundings, a knowledgeable dealership will be able to point you in the right direction.

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