Six Clever Accessories for Your New Pickup Truck

October 27th, 2017 by

A blue 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 is shown driving down a dirt path.

Have you recently purchased a pickup truck? Well, congratulations! Regardless of your reasons for pursuing this type of vehicle, we’re confident you made the right choice.

While these vehicles tend to deliver all of the amenities a driver could possibly need, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re looking for a bit more from your new ride. Well, you could solve this predicament by pursuing truck accessories for your new ride. There are a number of features that can transform your ride. For example, there are several amenities that would prove to be the perfect accompaniment for the worksite, and there are even some accessories that can turn your truck into the perfect tailgating machine.

Below, we’ve reviewed six specific accessories that you can pursue for a pickup. Then, whether you’ve recently purchased the vehicle or you’re currently shopping for a new ride, you’ll know exactly what truck accessories you’ll want to do add…

Accessory #1: Hammock/Tent

This amenity might be a bit unconventional, but it could prove to be the perfect addition to your truck. Personally, I’m constantly wanting to take a nap while I’m at work. However, reclining the seats and cranking the air conditioner doesn’t really lend itself to comfort. However, by pursuing a hammock from your truck bed, you can relax, be comfortable, and enjoy the fresh air. When you’re not lying on the material, it can be used to cover your cargo, providing a valuable shade for your equipment.

If you’re someone who enjoys camping, then you could even pursue a tent for your truck. This offering fits snugly into the pickup’s bed, providing you with a comfortable, safe place to sleep. If you’re not a fan of sleeping on the ground during an excursion, you can simply rely on your truck bed to get a good night’s sleep.

A tailgate tent is shown in the bed of a black 2020 Chevy Silverado.

Accessory #2: Bed Extender

If you’re going to be relying on your pickup truck to move any equipment or construction materials/aggregates, you might find that the longer pieces of cargo don’t necessarily fit inside your bed. Often times, owners will dangerously tie up these materials and attempt to travel to the worksite, even though there’s a considerable risk that these pipes or pieces of wood could easily slide out.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this issue. By pursuing a bed extender for your vehicle, you’ll have few issues fitting those longer pieces of cargo. This inclusion could add an extra few feet to the back of your vehicle, allowing you to fit whatever equipment you need to bring along on your journey. If you’re still worried about the status of your cargo, then you could also purchase tie-down straps or hooks. This amenity will assure that your equipment or materials are secured to your truck, so you won’t have to worry about anything falling out during your commute.

Accessory #3: Ramp

Do you find that you’re often trucking around an ATV, motorcycle, lawn mower, or snow blower? If you are, then you’re surely familiar with how difficult it can be loading those large pieces of equipment into the back of your truck. Normally, you’d need multiple people to help you lift these tools into the bed, and that process usually leads to several scratches or dents on your truck’s exterior.

However, if you pursue a ramp for your truck bed, you’ll have few issues rolling those pieces of equipment into your bed. This won’t only preserve the quality of your truck and the pieces of equipment, but it should also play a role in preventing any vicarious injuries.

Accessory #4: Storage/Tailgate Amenities

A truck bed provides owners with plenty of space, so you can truly transform this unit into anything you desire. If you have to lug equipment or tools everywhere you go, then you could consider opting for a giant toolbox. This inclusion would allow you to stay organized and assuming the unit is lockable, you could safely secure your more valuable tools without fear of them being stolen.

Perhaps you rely on your pickup truck as a commuter, in which case you’ll have maximum versatility when it comes to adapting your bed. Owners could consider installing a grill to the back of their truck, transforming the vehicle into the ultimate tailgating machine. You could also add a cooler and fridge, and you’d surely be the star of any pre-game event.

A diamond plate tool box is shown in the bed of a black 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT.

Accessory #5: Body Armor

If you’re going to be relying on your pickup truck as a rugged off-roader, you’ll surely want to add a number of amenities that can preserve and protect the exterior of your vehicle. Body armor is a clever inclusion, as it will provide a buffer between your literal vehicle and the elements (whether it be rocks or tree branches). Drivers could also opt for an upgraded bumper, especially when you consider that the standard inclusion tends to compromise relatively quickly.

These parts do look a bit silly, but they’re also easy to install. Therefore, you could opt for an array of protective gear, and you could subsequently equip your vehicle when it’s time to go off-roading. If you’re particularly focused on preserving the like-new condition of your vehicle, then this is the perfect accessory.

Accessory #6: Floor Mats

Similar to how owners want to maintain their vehicle’s exterior beauty, the same goes for the pickup’s interior. If you’ve ever gone off-roading, you’re surely familiar with the fact that it doesn’t take much to dirty up the cabin. Mud, dirt, and grime will naturally embed itself into your truck’s upholstery, and the interior could also be compromised due to rain or water.

Well, by purchasing floor mats for your new ride, you’ll at least have a fighting chance at keeping your interior as clean as possible. These inclusions will protect the floors of your vehicle, meaning they won’t be dirtied by any mud. You could also opt for seat covers, which will assure that no grime or water makes its way into the upholstery

Even More Accessories!

If there’s one thing we believe in here at McCluskey Chevrolet, it’s listening to our customers, and we’ve heard you: you want more accessories. We know the title said “Six Clever Accessories,” but we’re not ones to let rules tie us down and keep us from giving our customers what they want. So here are eight more fantastic accessories that you should consider if you want to get the most from your pickup.

A tri-fold tonneau cover is shown on a white 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500.

Accessory #7: Tonneau Covers

One of the most popular and useful accessories for your truck is a tonneau cover, which is essentially a cover for your truck bed. It is a flat covering that goes across the top of your bed, creating a secure and enclosed space for you to load up with things. Not only does this work well to protect what’s in your truck bed, but these covers also look great and have a very nice aesthetic impact on your pickup.

A tonneau cover might not be the right choice if you tend to put tall or oddly shaped objects in your bed a lot, but otherwise, they’re great. These covers are available in a wide range of colors and styles, including both soft covers and hardcovers – kind of like the differences in convertible tops. Best of all, you can get tonneau covers that roll up or fold so you can easily get into and out of your truck bed, as well as retractable ones that are very easy to use – even electric-powered covers that open or close at the push of a button.

Accessory #8: Running Boards/Nerf Bars

You can find these accessories with different names, but they all serve a similar purpose: making it easier to get into or out of your truck. Running boards are typically larger, providing you with a wide step to use as you enter or exit your pickup, while nerf bars or step bars are usually narrower and less obvious. Depending on your truck, it might come with running boards or step bars already installed, but there are a lot of upgrades available.

A simple curved nerf bar with step points can help improve traction and make it easier for you and your passengers to get into or out of your vehicle. If you really want to go the extra mile, there are automatic retracting steps available that extend when you open a door so that you can easily get in or out. They then hide themselves while you drive, so they don’t interfere with your ground clearance or stand out.

A white 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown with a ladder on a rack over the bed.

Accessory #9: Racks and Carriers

If you want to get the most functionality out of your truck, then racks or carriers that mount into or onto the bed of your pickup are a great choice. These are available in a wide range of designs and styles, with different types of functionality and uses for them. So whatever you are looking to get from your truck, you can probably find it out there.

Simple racks add bars over your truck bed, which you can then mount additional shelving, storage, or other options to. More complex racks and carriers include additional bars for mounting or connecting just about anything you need. If you’re looking to take two or three ladders with you to job sites on a regular basis, for example, then you can get racks designed to let you safely secure them to your truck.

Accessory #10: Performance Upgrades

Although your truck was designed to be a fantastic piece of machinery by the manufacturer, there are numerous aftermarket upgrades or changes you can make to boost your pickup’s performance. This can include simple options like a larger air intake or additional cooling or more elaborate upgrades like more efficient exhaust systems and comprehensive performance packages. It’s very important that you know the details of your vehicle’s warranty, however, and not make any changes that will void your coverage.

Honestly, there are so many different options that we could spend a long time going over them all. These kinds of upgrades and accessories even include programmers and monitors that work with the computer in your truck to ensure optimal performance. We strongly recommend you only try to make these upgrades yourself if you have a lot of automotive experience – otherwise, come to us and let our certified experts handle it for you.

Accessory #11: Additional Lighting

There’s no doubt that the lighting you have for your truck is fine, but it’s probably just that: fine. If you want to take your vehicle’s lighting to the next level, then there are plenty of accessory options available to you. These include both interior and exterior lighting solutions, though be sure any exterior lighting you choose complies with local laws.

There are a lot of lighting accessories available designed for going off-road or otherwise driving at night in areas with little or no other lights. If you tend to go hunting, fishing, camping, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors and find yourself in the wilderness at night, then projector lights and mounted light bars can be very handy. Even if you’re just looking to add some stylish touches to your pickup, lighting can be an inexpensive and impressive way to do so.

Accessory #12: Lift Kits

One of the most popular types of truck accessories out there is a lift kit, which does pretty much just what it sounds like: it lifts your truck. More specifically, it lifts your truck in one of two ways to potentially give you greater clearance underneath your vehicle. Although some people simply like how they look, most folks choose a lift kit to utilize larger tires or to boost clearance when going off-road.

There are two main types of lift kits, and it’s important to choose the right one for the results you want: body lift kits or a suspension lift kit. Body lift kits are less expensive and easier to install, they allow for the use of larger tires, but they don’t grant more clearance. Suspension kits are more expensive and need to be installed by a trained professional, but they can give you significantly greater ground clearance.

A close up shows the tow hitch and trailer attached to a red 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country.

Accessory #13: Hitches and Towing Accessories

A lot of our customers buy a truck with towing in mind – and while many pickups come with a towing package and hitch, there are also some very useful towing accessories available. These can include different hitch sizes for a variety of tasks, but be sure your truck can handle any hitch you plan on connecting to it. Serious towing with a heavy-duty pickup often requires gooseneck or fifth-wheel towing hitches, which are connected in the bed of the truck.

There are also a lot of simple accessories and things to consider for towing, like tie-downs and ratchet straps to keep everything in place. There are ramps available that make it easier to get a vehicle or other object into and out of the trailer. You can also look at electric winches that might be needed to load up heavy objects onto your trailer before you hit the road.

Accessory #14: Overlanding Gear

Although we started this list with hammocks and tents for your truck, you can take your outdoor lifestyle a step further with overlanding accessories. Overlanding is a hobby where people take their trucks on long distances, often hundreds of miles, without staying in established campgrounds or at hotels. The accessories for overlanding include cargo racks for your roof, as well as tents and awnings that mount to the top of your truck and camper shell (how did I forget about camper shells and caps? Guess that’s for next time).

These accessories go beyond your typical off-road gear and include backup power supplies, a wide range of tools, and even outdoor shower setups. Cooking and kitchen gear are available too, which can elevate a simple camping trip to a next-level cookout. Whether you’re looking to do some overlanding or just enjoy spending time outdoors, these accessories can really make your life a lot easier.

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