The 15 Best Truck Accessories

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Our trucks are more than just a vehicle. They’re an investment: an investment in our careers, our recreation, and our families. When investing in a truck, you want to make sure that it is the best it possibly can be so it can get the job done and make your life as easy as possible. Sometimes, that means tricking out your truck with some extra accessories. But how do you know which accessories are actually necessary and which accessories are just extra bells and whistles? We’ll show you a bunch of awesome truck accessories and explain what kinds of jobs these accessories are best suited for


Air Compressor

Adding an air compressor to your truck will be useful if you need to power small pneumatic tools, such as a nail gun, or fill tires with compressed air. Air compressors can run anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. The air compressor is usually installed under the hood or between the rails of the frame.


Bed Extender

A bed extender is a useful upgrade if you haul lots of long items, like wood or pipes, because it gives your truck several extra feet of hauling space. The one downside to installing a bed extender is the abuse the tailgate suffers from the cargo scraping across it.


Bed Hoist/Bed Insert

A bed hoist, also known as a bed insert, will alter your pickup truck to a dump truck. These systems can be either hydraulic, electric, or you can even get a winch-powered insert that can be removed from the bed when not in use. This modification is especially useful for those in the construction or landscaping industries.


Bed Light

A bed light is an LED light strip that attaches to the underside of the bed rails. The lights turn on and off with the push of a button, and they will even turn off automatically after five minutes to preserve the battery. Whether you’re out working on your land in the wee hours of the morning or getting ready to start a day of fishing, bed lights will ensure you’re never fumbling around with your cargo again.


Bed Liner

A bed liner, either the spray-on kind or the fitted, removable kind, will serve you in two ways. First, it will help keep the bed of the truck from getting dirty. Second, it will help keep all of your cargo from sliding around or getting scratching by the truck bed. Plus, it’s easy just to hose it out every now and then to keep it clean.


Bed Step

If you’re regularly hauling items, a truck bed step will make your life so much easier. Rather than crawling up into the bed every time, a bed step will allow you to easily climb into and out of the truck. This retractable step attaches to the bumper.


Cable Winch

Most often, a cable winch is used to tow other vehicles, but it can also be used to drag logs, turn over tractors, move haystacks, and direct the line of fall for downing trees. These winches are thus most useful for farmers or people working on a lot of land. Make sure that your cable winch is capable of pulling, at a minimum, the weight of the truck.


Cargo Retriever

A cargo retriever is a handy little tool that gives you a bit of extra reach when you need it most. This device will help you pull cargo to the front of the bed, eliminating the need to climb up into the truck to unload. It’s an easy way to save a lot of hassle of climbing into the bed.


Floor Mats

When you’re out working in the mud and dirt all day, it can be annoying to try to keep the floors of the truck clean while driving home. That’s where rubber floor mats come in handy. These rubber mats will keep the carpet floors clean and are easy to remove and hose off.


Grill Guard

The grill guard will protect the front aspects of the truck, such as the lights, radiator, and grill, from damage caused by brush or livestock. It also provides attachment points for additional lighting. If you’re working out on the land, a grill guard is a must.


Headache Rack

The humorously named headache rack protects your head from objects or cargo that may fly through the back window while the vehicle is in motion. It’s an aluminum or steel attachment that mounts to the bed and blocks items like wood or stones from injuring you. If you’re doing a lot of hauling of small, heavy items, a headache rack is a must.


Loading Ramp

If you need to haul large, bulky items such as recreational vehicles or lawnmowers, a loading ramp will make the job much easier. Plus, using a loading ramp is much safer than trying to lift those heavy items into the bed. Usually, the loading ramps can be stored in the bed of the truck.


Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are a simple but ingenious way to protect the truck’s body from nicks and scratches from stones and gravel, on the road and off. They will also help keep your truck from splattering other vehicles with mud. Use mud flaps on wet, rainy days or when you are off-roading.


Running Boards

Even if you don’t have a problem hopping up into the cab of your truck, your short friends, wife or girlfriend, or your children might need a little extra boost. The running board attaches to the underside of your truck, providing that extra lift some people need to get into the high truck comfortably. Some running boards will even fold up and down automatically, making it simple to make your truck more accessible for your passengers.


Seat Defender

If you ever get off a long day of work covered in mud, sweat, and grime, you might worry about messing up the seats of your truck. Worry no more with seat defenders. They will slide over the headrest and provide a waterproof, slip-proof way to keep your truck clean.

No matter what kind of truck you have or what you use it for, customizing your vehicle with some truck accessories can help keep you safer or just make your life easier. The listed fixtures barely scratch the surface of the wide world of truck accessories, and more innovative products are being released all the time. If you really want to amp up your truck, consider modifying it with one of these handy accessories.

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