Print Your Face on a Doll

May 24th, 2013 by

Do you love collecting dolls? Do you sit in a giant creepy room full of terrifying human facsimiles and just smile your head off? Is the one thing, the ONLY thing, missing from your collection a doll that looks exactly like you? Well, we here at McCluskey Chevrolet, your Ford dealers in Cincinnati, aren’t going to say you aren’t strange, but we are going to help you out!

You see the picture above? That’s a doll made to look exactly like its owner! It’s done by a company in Japan called Clone Factory. For a very reasonable $1,300, you too can have a doll in your image. The company brings you in and sits you in their special studio. You’re surrounded by digital SLR cameras and photographed from every possible angle. Once they have all that info, they create a digital map which serves as the basis for the model. We here at your home for a cheap oil change think the whole process is a little creepy!

“The clones are printed using layers of ink which harden in the plaster,” one of the technicians said.

What do you think? Awesome idea to preserve yourself or a loved one forever, or terrifying nightmare made real?

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