Texas company offers bulletproof Camaro

October 3rd, 2013 by

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When it comes to cars, some of us can’t help but want the biggest and baddest the industry has to offer. From sporty race cars, to luxury SUVs, driving cars that pack high performance and great looks, are what makes us happy. Car dealers can’t help but encourage buyers to take a spin in the newest Chevrolet Corvette – because seeing it sitting in the showroom and taking it out for a spin are two very different things. The Chevrolet Camaro SS is a sports car that has been a fun to drive, high profile vehicle since it first made it’s appearance. One company in San Antonio, Texas, has made this car from awesome to incredible with a few fun tweaks.

Texas Armoring is offering a Chevy Camaro SS conversion that can deflect a .357 Magnum round bullet. The high performing car, with its 376 cubic inch V8, packs all the punch you will ever need, while helping you dodge the ones you don’t. The company uses a combination of bulletproof glass, and lightweight polyethylene-based armor plating, to help shrug off common small arms like .44 Magnum, and 9mm handguns. The lightweight material does not add too much weight to the car, but buyers have the option to add the supercharger upgrade which boosts the engine from 400hp to 550hp, essentially erasing any impact the added weight might have on performance.

The armored sports car starts at $45,000, and can go upwards of $80,000. While most people who purchase this conversion car won’t be facing any gun battles in the near future, it’s a pretty cool thing to show off to friends on top of an already awesome car.

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