Blind Film Critic

February 21st, 2013 by

Being a film critic is both an awesome job and a terrible one. Sure you get to watch movies all day and then give your opinion, that’s the fun part! On the other hand, you often times have to watch BAD movies and if the general public doesn’t agree with your opinion, you’ll get panned for it. How do you walk the line? Maybe it’s by not being able to see it. Let us here at McCluskey Oil Change Cincinnati tell you more.

Tommy Edison is a much loved film reviewer, the only thing that’s ever held him back is the fact that he is completely blind. Still, he reviews plenty of movies and people have learned to respect his opinions. We here at Auto Parts in Cincinnati can definitely understand why.

Tommy does well because while many reviewers are being sucked in by the special effects, he isn’t able to! Instead, his reviews are about the acting.

 “I watch movies and pay attention to them in a different way that sighted people do. I’m not distracted by all the beautiful shots and attractive people. I watch a movie for the writing and acting.”

Instead of giving one review, Tommy gives two for every movie. One is a recommendation for general audiences, the other is a recommendation specifically for blind people. He doesn’t use thumbs-up or stars though, a typical Tommy review will give a film “3 out of 4 eyes open!”

With movies, Tommy doesn’t feel like he’s missing much by being blind. He was born that way so it’s all he knows! Still, he loves movies and he doesn’t plan on stopping reviews any time soon!