Chevy and Hurricane Sandy!

January 10th, 2013 by

Here at McCluskey Chevrolet, we’re constantly being given reasons to be proud of our products. Chevrolet already makes some of the top cars in the world, but they aren’t looking to rest on their laurels. When they see a community in trouble, they are quick to help out, and we here at McCluskey Chevrolet, your home for an Oil Change Cincinnati, are thrilled to be a part of it.

Since Hurricane Sandy has ravaged the eastern seaboard, the relief effort has been chugging away. Ignoring all the issues with the government and fund and yadda yadda yadda, Chevy decided to contribute in the best way they saw fit. We here at your home for Auto Parts in Cincinnati think they knocked it out of the park.

Recently, a literal fleet of Chevrolet Express vans left their Atlanta home and made their way to the parts of New York and New Jersey hit worst by the storm. The vans were donated to Habitat for Humanity by Chevrolet, and they are being put right to work! Thanks to partners Lowe’s and Bosch Tool Co., the vans are also packed with supplies to get these damaged communities back on their feet!

The vans brings Chevrolet and GMs total Sandy relief efforts to more than $2.8 million!

“As the initial reports of Sandy’s devastation recede from the headlines, now the hard work of recovery begins to help affected communities and people get back on their feet,” said GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. “The Chevy Express vans are just the right vehicles to carry the people and tools to get the job done.”