Chevy Produces Car that Can Run on Food Scraps

October 22nd, 2014 by

When you shop used car dealerships in Cincinnati, you are already doing a lot to help the environment. By buying a used car, you are reducing the demand for new materials, which reduces consumption of natural resources and limits waste products.

Now, Chevrolet is offering a way for you to do even more for the environment. The car maker announced that it is producing a 2015 Chevrolet Impala that will run on bi-fuel, composed of things like food scraps, beer and sewage. The car can also run on regular gas.

The waste products are turned into something called

“renewable natural gas,” or biogas. This gas is created by the methane gas produced by the waste products. Carbon dioxide and impurities are removed, and the gas is compressed to create the final product to fuel the car. The Qasar Energy Group, based out of Cleveland, is creating the renewable gas, called Compressed Natural Gas. Qasar gets the waste products to make the fuel from places like the City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities, Progressive Field (home of the Cleveland Indians) and Anheuser-Busch in Columbus.

The new Impalas are estimated to get nearly 500 miles per tank, and the renewable gas is expected to cost about $2.11 per gallon. The gas will also greatly reduce greenhouse emissions (about 20 percent less than regular gas). Qasar says that it can produce 1.3 million gallons of the compressed natural gas each year, which Chevy says can fill up 163,000 Impalas at least once. The Impala can run on both gas and compressed natural gas, offering more options for fuel sources for drivers who have limited sources for the CNG.

The bi-fuel system for the new Impala will easily switch between regular gas and CNG. Drivers should simply push a button to change the fuel source manually. Otherwise, the car will switch over on its own once the CNG is depleted.

Chevy says that the 2015 Impala will go on sale later this year for $38,210. Meanwhile, the gas savings are expected to be about $1.13 per gallon, which can add up quickly depending on how much an individual drives.

The new Impala will be the only bi-fuel vehicle on the market that has a factory warranty for its fuel system. The warranty is three years or 36,000 miles.

If you aren’t yet ready to buy the new Impala, consider waiting a few years until you can buy one from used car dealerships in Cincinnati. You’ll be able to get a great price on the car while also reducing the demand for new production, helping you to save money and save the environment.