Chevy & Today Show Reunite Family

June 17th, 2014 by
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Lt. Lowman Family Reunion

For the best deals on new and used cars for sale in Cincinnati, always come to McCluskey Chevrolet. For the latest news regarding the automotive industry, always come to the official McCluskey Chevrolet blog! There is a lot going on in the automotive world at the moment, but we thought we would bring you a more heartfelt story out of Nevada that our favorite automobile maker had a big hand in.

Chevrolet Teams Up with the Today Show

Chevrolet is committed to giving back in any way that they can. Whether its helping small communities, non-profit organizations, or those men and women who have served our country. Because of that commitment, Chevrolet and “The Today Show” worked together to reunite Lt. Nathan Lowman with his family. The surprise homecoming had his wife Cindy and young daughter in complete shock. Chevy and the Today Show invited Cindy to the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada, telling her it was for a commercial.

After the “commercial” crew interviewed Cindy and her daughter about her life and love for the Chevy Corvette, the driving school instructors pulled up on the track in the Corvettes. What the two were not expecting, was that Lt. Lowman was in a Corvette posing as an instructor. The family reunited after not being together for over seven months in a heartwarming embrace.

The Lowman Family & Chevy

The Lowman family and Chevrolet go way back. Lt. Lowman grew up dreaming of Corvette ownership. His dream came true when he and his wife purchased a 1992 Corvette, which was later made into a tribute for Chief Warrant Officer 4 Keith Yoakum, a soldier who gave his life in combat. Lt. Lowman commented at the event why the Corvette was so special to him and his family. “So why is Corvette significant, you may ask. It is because it is like the American Dream. Corvette is America’s sports car and what better car to have as a defender of America?”