Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center Celebrates 75 Years

May 16th, 2014 by

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We have talked about it before, and we will talk about it again – there is something quite special about calling Cincinnati our home. As your premiere Chevrolet dealership, and the best place for new and used cars in Cincinnati, we absolutely love the fact that we get to spend our time and do our business right here in the Queen City. Cincinnati is a special place, full of great and friendly people, delicious restaurants, and some of the greatest institutions in the country. If you live in the city, or have ever visited, then you know exactly what we are talking about. There is something so perfect about taking a stroll downtown, admiring the architecture and beautiful scenery. One of our favorite places to visit in Cincinnati is the Contemporary Arts Center, which will soon be celebrating its 75th Anniversary.

Started back in 1939 as the Cincinnati’s Modern Art Society, the now-named Contemporary Arts Center is a staple in the city, and we want to help recognize its history by telling you about the upcoming anniversary it will be celebrating. The center is currently planning to redesign the front lobby which will include a small cage, along with new architectural features – all which will help to commemorate the milestone 75 years. To really help kick off the Contemporary Arts Center’s 75th year, is the fundraising auction that the group is holding tonight at the Mercantile Center, the former location of the CAC. Participants will head to the after-party once the dinner is finished, where there will be photographers, music, and dancing – and the after-party is being called “Diamonds + Debauchery” by the Center.

If you want to help celebrate the CAC’s 75th year, come check out the many exhibits and hows that will be put on throughout the year, ranging in style, period, and medium.