Cool Mom Tech

May 30th, 2013 by

Does your mom have any interest in technology? My mom used to hate all things gadget, but she’s been coming around in recent years. We got her a new smartphone and now she plays more Words with Friends than anyone I know! Getting technology for mom is all about finding just the right thing. It has to be practical, stylish, and above all else…useful! We here at McCluskey Chevrolet and Kings Auto Mall have a few tips on how to make your mom the most tech savvy in town.

Chevy sat down with the associate editor of Cool Mom Tech, Jeana Lee Tahnk, to talk about all the tech that moms love. She especially focused on the way the Chevy Sonic and Spark are incorporating Siri Eyes Free into their systems to make the roads a safer place. Check it out here, if there’s one thing all moms love, it’s safer roads for their loved ones!