Devouring The Evidence: A Hang Gliding Story

May 8th, 2012 by

There are a lot of things you can do to implicate yourself in a crime.  You can flee the country.  You can mutter cryptic remarks under your breath like, “they had it coming.”   You can even return to the scene with those creepy, shifty eyes.  However, we here at your Chevy Dealership Cincinnati want to tell you, nothing implicates you quite like devouring the evidence.

Lenami Godinez-Avila, a 27 year old woman, wanted to do something a little exotic with her boyfriend to celebrate their anniversary.  The young couple decided to take a hang gliding trip in Canada in late April.  Unfortunately, there was a terrible accident.  Something went wrong and Lenami fell out of her hang glider, falling 1,000 feet to her death.

This event is strange and tragic enough, but there’s another layer to the story.  William Orders, the hang glider’s pilot, is being accused of swallowing an SD card that may have video of the accident.

Vancouver Hang Gliding, the company that Orders works for and Lenami booked with, offers tandem hang gliding experiences.  Part of their package is offering video of the event via a camera that is strapped to the wing of the glider.  Authorities are claiming that after the accident, Orders removed the SD card from the on-wing camera and devoured it.

We’re still waiting to see how the story moves forward.  Police are monitoring Orders and suspect that even if he did swallow the SD card, the data on it may still be usable.  So if your day is going poorly, you can feel better knowing you’re not the poor data recovery tech who gets that job.

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