Let Groupon Name Your Baby!

June 12th, 2012 by

Naming a child is one of the most challenging and exciting decisions a parent gets to make. It’s an important decision as well, because the name you saddle your baby with is going to last for the child’s entire life. Do you go the traditional route, naming the baby after a relative or even yourself? Maybe you prefer the trendy road, giving your child a name as unique as the child itself. Whatever you decide, we here at your Used Silverado Dealer Cincinnati want to tell you about one opportunity you will be glad you missed.

When you think of baby names, do you think of Groupon? Yes, that Groupon. The one that offers 25% off tacos and buy on get one free shrubberies. Well, Groupon is getting into the baby naming game in a big way. For a mere $1,000, the company will sell you their custom made baby name. The name in question is the amazingly terrible “Clembough.”

That’s right, for the low low price of $1,000 you get the right to name your sweet little boy (or girl?) Clembough. Of course, the name is in no way owned by Groupon and you’re free to name your child Clembough free of charge. The company scorns that idea though, saying “Any attempt to name your child ‘Clembough’ independent of this exclusive Groupon will be recognized by the world as a cheap imitation.”

Some people are giving Groupon a lot of guff for this move, but it’s clearly a publicity stunt, and judging by the amount of publicity they got (including this blog, whoops) it’s a stunt that really paid off.

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