Man Goes to Jail because He’s Bored with XBOX

June 7th, 2013 by

mans hands behind bars in jail or prison

Do you like to play video games? I’ve always been what you could call a gamer. It started way back in the day playing on the Atari and I’ve pretty much owned every major system between then and now. I’ve never sunk too much of my life into a game like World of Warcraft or anything like that, but you put a good racing game in front of me and it’ll be all cars all day baby. Even if you don’t love video games, you have to admit they are better than jail, right? Well, according to one man, they aren’t. We here at your Ford dealer Cincinnati could barely believe it, but apparently it’s true! 

In New Zealand, a man under house arrest had nothing to do but play Xbox all day. For most young men, that’s nearly a dream come true. An Xbox and a valid excuse not to leave the house? That’s heaven for most college freshmen I know! Still, after  being under house arrest for 10 months, the young man called the police and told them “he had run out of Xbox games to play” and told them he would breach his house arrest if they didn’t bring him in. We here at your Cincinnati car dealerships would suggest reading a book, but we’re going to assume that really isn’t his thing.

This does bring up the question though, if you could only play one video game (we’ll count computer games) for 10 months, what would it be?