McCluskey’s Road Trip Tips

April 17th, 2012 by

With Summer on the way we here at auto repair Cincinnati  decided to give you guys some tips for your next road trip. It’s really essential that before you hit the road, you  have your vehicle inspected – especially if you are planning a long trip. A basic inspection will do – the essentials like: brake checks, tires, suspension, lights, cooling system, and other basic drive train components.  Another thing  that is often overlooked in the air conditioner.  The summer heat can quickly get brutal and rolling the windows down will only get you so far, so double check your freon.  Check the spare tire and jack as well,  so if anything unfortunate happens you wont be left stranded on the side of the road.

If you are planning to bring loads of stuff, it’s not advisable to pack anything heavy inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Often times people survive the initial collision in an accident, only to be killed by the debris that ricochets around the cab in the ensuing chaos.  Furthermore, if you plan to pack anything on the roof, make sure that the most of the weight is one the middle of the roof to keep you from losing control.

It may seem overcautious, but be sure to bring all the supplies that you need – especially an emergency kit, which may include a flashlight, first aid kits, jumper cables, gloves, ropes, and a tire inflator.

Finally, parents, your sanity is just as important as your safety, so make sure you have plenty of entertainment for the kids.

Enjoy your trip!

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