Some Local Chocolate to Enrich Your Valentine’s Day

February 6th, 2014 by

Valentine's Hearts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, folks! It is one of those nights where restaurants fill up with dinner guests, but an even more delectable desire that hits the tastebuds is enjoyed on this day. Chocolate! There are those out there who just aren’t into chocolate, but we would argue (with no tests or studies to prove it) that there is a vast majority that are chocolate lovers, especially in all the auto dealers Cincinnati is home to. There are so many different kinds that are all delicious, and they even release endorphins. On Valentine’s Day of all days, why not celebrate by enjoying some of the fine local chocolates we are able to enjoy in Cincinnati?

Graeter’s made that big transition to extending its offerings to include new gelatos and low-fat ice creams. While that is all well and good, we are focusing on the chocolates today. Steve Hellmich is in charge of making the delectable candies, and amongst those lies the classic Graeter’s Marshmall Valentine Hearts.

Their process is both fascinating and quite old-fashioned. The utilize antique heart molds to press the impression into a large tray of cornstarch. Those are filled up with the marshmallow mixture, and then run through the enrober that covers them in chocolate. These are no ordinary chocolate marshallow’s, mind you. The marshmallow is perfectly fluffy and extremely light, and the dark chocolate coating adds that perfect flavor. They are sure to be a hit.

French Crust:
Master chocolatier Jean-Philippe Solnom calls the French Crust home, and we are happy that he is in Cincinnati. We are continuing the heart theme, as it is Valentine’s Day, but Jean-Philippe Solnom adds a little twist to his works of art. These are chocolate hearts… in a heart shaped chocolate box. Chocolate in chocolate… it’s just a beautiful thing! There are plenty of options at French Crust, from the dark chocolate-cherry truffle filled dark chocolate heart boxes, to the smaller two-bite chocolate hearts filled caramel, sea salt, and hazelnut. Order ASAP though, as these are pre-order only and we would imagine the cut-off date is fast approaching. Call 513-621-2013.