United will honor tickets that sold from $0-$10 last Thursday

September 16th, 2013 by

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Traveling the world is an amazing way to learn, grow, and become knowledgeable of other cultures. Unfortunately, traveling is expensive. Low cost road trips are a thing of the past, with high gas prices and inevitable auto repairs that accompany long distance road trips – more and more people are opting out of this pricey travel option. While flying is without a doubt a faster and more direct alternative, the cost can be hefty. Airline tickets within the United States can go anywhere from $59 to over $1,000, and with the average household in America being a family of four – the cost adds up quickly. The a seemingly endless world to explore, and airline prices on the rise, what’s a person to do?

Apparently, the answer was to go on the United Airlines website last Thursday when the company accidentally sold tickets for $0, $5, and $10. No, not all of us got the memo – but it sure would have been nice to be a part of this computer glitch. What’s even more awesome is that Untied is honoring the tickets they sold during those few hours Thursday, making a few lucky travelers very happy. One lucky customer posted online about his good fortune saying, “I just booked a couple of round trips from SJC-BOS via IAH in November and December for $10 round trip. Found them on United.com.” In the world of social media and the internet in general, word quickly spread. Within a few hours United shut down the ticketing section of their website, and say it was a “filing error.”

The airline announced that they will honor the tickets that were sold in error, and are not disclosing just how many of these tickets were sold, or how much it cost the airline.