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For many people, the idea of owning a truck would be a dream come true. The reasons for this are varied. Some people simply find a truck to be a more practical solution to a lot of daily challenges. They may want to haul a lot of cargo or pull heavy loads without feeling like their vehicle struggles under pressure. Others simply like the little benefits the truck provides. Setting up higher with a beefier vehicle gives you greater visibility on the road in addition to the typical boost in performance you can expect.
Whatever the reason, it is common for this type of person to experience a degree of sticker shock when it comes time to research potential new trucks. It is no secret that a new truck can be an expensive purchase. Even the starting prices of new trucks are often higher than similar sedans and coupes, usually because of the additional engine power, drivetrain performance, and sheer bulk of the chassis.
This is what makes a used truck such an attractive option. You could potentially find the vehicle of your dreams for a fraction of the cost without giving too much up in terms of the life left in the truck. You may have the ability to find a slightly used option or a well-known, high-performing truck like the Chevy Silverado that can have hundreds of thousands of miles on it and still drive flawlessly.

2016 Chevrolet Silverado

New Versus Used

A new truck can seem like the way to go in almost all cases. You don't have to worry about their condition and history, especially when it comes to major events like accidents and salvages. They also tend to come with the latest features and safety upgrades from each manufacturer, Chevy included. While all of this is true, you pay a significant price for anything new.

Unfortunately, this is a very literal price

Common trucks, midsize and full-size, can start around $30,000-$40,000 MSRP. For this price, you will usually get the bare minimum the manufacturer has to offer. Advanced options like V-8 engines, all-wheel drivetrains, and enhanced interior accents will only be available in more expensive trims and package deals. Unless you can afford the higher cost or are willing to settle for less, a new truck isn't always the best way to go.
Used trucks offer a lot of the same value and capability for less. The beauty of used truck offerings is the variety of model years you will likely encounter for any specific make and model. If you want to really save money, you can expand your search back decades to find an option that is under $10,000. On the other hand, sticking with recent years and the same current generation of a model will often produce results that have similar features and capabilities as new trucks.
The biggest advantage to used trucks for sale is options. Anytime you're searching for a new vehicle, car, truck, or SUV; it is important to have as many options to choose from as possible. This puts you in a position to find a vehicle that will meet your needs and fit within your budget. This variety of options is something you simply won't get with new trucks without increasing your budget significantly.

Things to Look for in a Used Truck

Used truck shopping is just like searching for any other new or used vehicle with a couple of additional steps and concerns. First and foremost, you need to have a good understanding of what exactly you're looking for. Regarding capabilities and features, think about how you want to use this truck in the first place. If it will just be a daily commuter, you may focus your search on a less powerful engine and powertrain options. If you know this truck is going to be pulling some heavyweight, more powerful engines and advanced features like automatic towing assist should go on your list of priorities.
A budget is also extremely important to set ahead of time. If you plan on financing the used truck, expect slightly higher APR rates than a new vehicle because of the used truck’s history. Set a maximum monthly payment limit to get your finances in order with the confidence that you'll be able to afford a used option. For cash buyers, where you pay outright, set the total limit so you can eliminate anything that falls outside of your budget.
As you start to search for a used truck, be prepared to experience a lot of variety in what you find. Even if you focus on a single make and model, there will be a lot of differences between trucks you find in terms of overall mileage, the engine and drivetrain, bed length, cabin length, and general features. Prices will also vary, so you'll have to keep track of what each option offers at what price point. Anything that doesn't meet your list of needs or stay within your budget should be limited.

Buying a Used Truck

Another way to make the used truck buying experience simple is to deal with a single dealership like McCluskey Chevy. Experienced, skilled service people like the ones we employ can make a lot of the necessary steps in this process quick and painless. They will also serve as a guiding hand throughout the entire process to make sure you aren't left hanging when challenges start to arise.
At McCluskey Chevy, our service starts the moment you step through the door. We will begin by discussing your various needs and wants out of a new-to-you truck. From there, we can explore our various inventory options to see what we may have in stock that will fit you like a glove.
If and when you find something that works for you, our service kicks into high gear by reducing or eliminating a lot of the typical stress people experience when trying to finance and buy a used vehicle. We take extra steps to ease your mind about the condition of the vehicle by conducting a thorough examination of each vehicle that comes to our lot new or used. Upon request, you can see the exact results of these inspections so you know ahead of time what condition the truck is in and what potential issues may need to be addressed later on.
For financing, we work with a number of lenders who we trust to give you the best rates possible regardless of your credit and financial history. We will take a few bits of information from you, pass it along to our lenders, and see what kind of terms and deals they can provide. Afterward, someone from the financing department will sit down with you personally to explain all the different details you should expect when financing a used truck. By the end, you will have all the information and understanding you need to make an informed decision before signing any major documents.
Ultimately, the main goal at McCluskey Chevy is to make you as satisfied as possible by the time you leave with a new purchase. Whether you buy new or used, we firmly believe that every vehicle we have on our inventory is capable of meeting the high expectations each of our customers brings with them. More importantly, we know each vehicle is capable of providing a great, safe ride anywhere you may want to take it out on the open road.

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