A Discontinued but In-Demand Sedan: All about the Chevy Cruze

May 14th, 2021 by

A red 2018 Chevy Cruze Hatchback Diesel is shown driving with its headlights illuminated after leaving an Ohio used car dealer.

For eight years, Chevy produced a compact, four-door passenger sedan known as the Cruze. It was designed to be an affordable vehicle that was fun to drive, safe, and versatile – a perfect pick for choosy car shoppers. However, in 2019 Chevy decided to discontinue this vehicle, but you can still find the Cruze at your local Ohio used car dealer. What does that mean for car shoppers who are searching for this reliable Chevy sedan?

Chevy has long been committed to serving drivers with all-around-great vehicles at low prices, and the Cruze represented the same. It was one of the many sedan offerings from Chevy – although this roster has shrunk in recent years, especially once the Cruze became discontinued. If you’re shopping for a used car at a great price, should you consider the Cruze? Wouldn’t buying a discontinued car be ill-advised or even come with hidden costs?

There’s plenty that people don’t know about the Chevy Cruze or even what it really means when an auto brand discontinues one of their vehicles. We’re sifting through the rumors, frequently asked questions, and myths about the Cruze to help car shoppers like you get the truth. Here’s everything you actually need to know to score a great deal on a reliable sedan.

Is It Really Discontinued?

Yes, Chevy has discontinued the production of the Cruze compact sedan. Rather than replacing their compact sedan, Chevy chose to focus instead on developing its more popular lineup of SUVs and trucks. In terms of gas-powered, four-door sedans like the Cruze, Chevy now recommends the midsize Malibu instead – at least, if you’re shopping for a new Chevy vehicle. The Malibu is its closest cousin and, unless Chevy decides to transition this sedan into an electric vehicle, it may get discontinued in the near future, too.

While this may sound concerning or even like a sign of trouble for Chevy itself, cars get discontinued all the time. If you look at Chevy’s lineup, it’s light on cars and full of more diverse SUV models instead. Chevy isn’t alone either; auto brands frequently discontinue certain vehicles and introduce new ones. While it’s not impossible for an auto brand to revive a vehicle that has been out of production (Chevy has actually done that several times with the Malibu), for the time being, the Cruze is officially discontinued.

A blue 2014 Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel is shown from the front speeding down an empty road.

What Does That Mean?

A “discontinued” vehicle isn’t pulled from inventories or otherwise made unavailable, nor does Chevy recommend against buying a used Cruze sedan. Cruzes that Chevy produced in the past are still out there, as are other discontinued vehicles from the Chevy brand. Rather, the company just chose not to engineer any new models since 2019.

There’s no such thing as a 2021 or 2022 Chevy Cruze, nor has Chevy made public any plans to reintroduce it in upcoming years. However, buyers shouldn’t hesitate to buy a discontinued car, nor should owners of a discontinued vehicle feel that they need to call it quits. You can still find information about the Cruze on Chevy’s website – alongside other discontinued vehicles like the Impala and Sonic that have enduring popularity – and Chevy will gladly recommend the Cruze if you’re shopping used.

Why Was It Discontinued?

Chevy didn’t face any outside pressure to stop making Cruze vehicles or anything of the sort. The Cruze wasn’t plagued with problems that made Chevy suddenly decide to stop further production. In fact, the Cruze was a solid, reliable vehicle that was a good option for many car shoppers.

Chevy just chose to pare down their sedan lineup to the Malibu so they can focus on making this one versatile sedan as great as it can be every year. Also, as General Motors (Chevy’s parent company) makes a transition toward more electric-powered vehicles, Chevy will introduce more and more electric models over time rather than traditional, gas-powered ones. So there are no more Cruzes being produced, but electric sedans like the Bolt EV are emerging in popularity. Chevy will also continue manufacturing its performance car models, the Camaro and the Corvette, due to their enduring popularity.

The entire auto industry has seen a shrinking demand for four-door sedans in favor of SUVs or, at least, electric alternatives. If you want a brand-new Chevy sedan that’s still in production, we might even recommend that you test-drive the latest Chevy Bolt EV. However, car shoppers who want a reliable, gas-powered sedan may find that many automakers are producing fewer and fewer of the vehicles they hope to locate. Thankfully, there’s an alternative route to finding one.

Can I Still Find a Cruze out There?

Yes, you can definitely find a used Chevy Cruze from used Chevy dealers or independent sellers. However, we’d recommend that you only shop used vehicles – especially discontinued ones – from an official Chevy dealership, where you have more guarantees of quality and longevity. Shopping from a private seller can often land you with a “lemon” – a vehicle that costs more to maintain than it’s actually worth. Meanwhile, when you shop for used Chevys from a dealer like McCluskey Chevrolet, you find vehicles backed by our quality guarantee. That’s not something you get from engaging in a private sale. If you shop certified pre-owned, you get even more guarantees, including thorough inspections, manufacturer warranties, and a service plan from the dealer.

As for quality, you can still trust in a used Chevy Cruze. Cruzes were engineered to last, so there are certainly some options if you know where to shop. In fact, while many drivers are abandoning passenger sedans in favor of SUVs, this trend actually benefits sedan shoppers. Think of it this way: as drivers rush to trade in their sedan for an SUV, they leave behind a quality sedan that’s ready for you to drive. Chevy dealers are noticing a trend of car buyers trading in sedans and adding more stock to their inventories. Best of all, because the Cruze is a discontinued vehicle, it’s more affordable than ever.

An orange 2017 Chevy Cruze Hatchback is shown from the rear driving through a city.

Why Drive a Cruze?

A used Chevy Cruze isn’t just an affordable option for drivers; it’s also a quality car. Cruzes are lightweight and responsive, with solid steering and an aerodynamic feel. While it may not accelerate like a performance car, the Cruze also offers more fuel economy. Depending on the year, a Cruze can offer as much as 40 MPG with a gasoline engine – an outstanding rating, even when compared to cars being manufactured today!

Chevy Cruze sedans also offer convenient cargo space and roomy, comfortable front seats. Many models offer convenient technology like hands-free calls, a convenient digital cluster display, and more. It’s the perfect vehicle for families, young drivers looking for an affordable car, and busy commuters who want a reliable sedan.

Will Maintenance Be an Issue?

Maintaining a used vehicle – like any vehicle – requires the occasional investment. However, maintaining a used Chevy Cruze won’t be an issue. Parts are still available and won’t need to be imported or custom-made for your vehicle’s needs. You shouldn’t face a price hike on services to a discontinued vehicle either; just take your Cruze to the right automotive center. While some independent mechanic shops may not know how to service a vehicle with which they’re unfamiliar, Ohio drivers can count on the McCluskey Chevrolet service center to provide skilled, effective auto services.

Where Can I Find a Used Chevy Cruze?

The best place to shop used Chevy cars like the Cruze is right here at McCluskey Chevrolet. We are the top name in Chevy vehicles in Cincinnati, OH, and proudly serve the entire state with great-value vehicles. Shop for used and certified pre-owned vehicles to find outstanding quality at low prices, or explore our vast inventory of brand-new vehicles to enjoy that new car smell.

Test drive a Cruze today or browse our inventory online. Our extensive selection includes electric vehicles, sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks from America’s favorite auto brand. Chat with a member of our sales team here in Cincinnati to get details about any vehicles in our inventory. You can also value your trade and even apply for a financing plan from any convenient location. Finally, trust in McCluskey Chevrolet for ongoing automotive services for your car. We look forward to adding you to our family of satisfied customers soon.