Incredible New Deer Hunting Fad!

July 10th, 2012 by

Hunting has always been a part of human culture, we’re omnivores by tradition. These days though, most people don’t do their own hunting. We can simply go to the market and pick up all the meat we need, freshly butchered, wrapped, and government regulated for safety. Still, hunting remains a popular pastime for many people. Let us here at your Cincinnati Chevrolet Cruze Dealer tell you about a new trend in hunting that’s sweeping Minnesota.

Do you know what a tree stand (aka deer stand) is? Basically it’s a raised platform, usually affixed to a tree or skeletal wooden frame, that gives the hunter both concealment and a better vantage point. Usually these stands are modest affairs, four walls, just big enough to sit down in. These traditional stands aren’t enough for some hunters though.

All across Minnesota, people have been building deer stand “mansions.” These stands are as big as twenty by twenty feet, more cabins than true stands. Land Commissioners have found stands set up as well as any hunting lodge, including beds and even miniature kitchens.

“A lot of these cross the line of what’s appropriate,” said local Land Commissioner, Bob Krepps. “If I’m out walking and come across one of these buildings on posts, am I going to feel welcome to hunt there? Probably not. And if I do, there’s likely to be a fight. That shouldn’t happen on land that belongs to everyone.”

The stands are becoming a problem in the woods. Traditional wooden stands are often times left to rot, and that’s alright because they have minimal environmental impact. These “mansions” have metal fastenings and shingled roofs, creating a real “mess in the woods.”

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